2023 Kitchen Colour Trends

Quartz samples in an array of different colours

Top colour trends for kitchens in 2023

The last few years have brought us inside a great deal more than we could have imagined, and with it came a new appreciation for quality time with loved ones and a renewed love for home cooking. 2023 is the time for a kitchen re-fresh and showing some tender loving care to our tired and outdated kitchen spaces. So where do we start? The colour trends in 2023 are modern, comforting, natural and fresh and there is no shortage of colours and ideas to inspire a new look for your kitchen.


What are the top kitchen colours of 2023?

The votes are in and the people have spoken. The 2023 top kitchen colours are:

  • Walnut
  • Coffee cream
  • Soft wheat
  • Greige
  • Pure white
  • Smoke
  • Linen
  • Ivory
  • Dusty blue
  • Off white
  • Dark mauve
  • Soft grey
  • Deep green
  • Snow white
  • Moody blue
  • Warm taupe
  • Muted soft pink
  • Black


Colour trends for 2023 kitchens and how to use them.


Pops of colour and colour features

Adding a pop of colour has never been more popular, with pops of colour appearing frequently in 2023 kitchen renovations. Coloured cabinets, feature walls, bright coloured high chairs and pieces of art are all easy ways to give your own touch and make a personalised statement in your kitchen.


Nice Neutrals

Think; a light filled home with soft neutral colours creating softness, calm and ease of space. Neutrals are the talk of 2023 with popular colours like linen, soft wheat, beige and sand creating insta worthy waves in the modern contemporary home. Our top picks are Dekton’s Danae, Cimstone’s Linen and Santamargarita’s City Beige.


Give me grey

From soft smoke to ash and bold charcoal, it seems that grey shades can do no wrong in 2023 kitchens. Grey shades can give an instant modern look combined with the softness that’s not possible with black. Pro tip: Choose a grey with shimmer for a luxurious kitchen feel. We love the soft grey quartz from Silestone, Santamargarita’s modern city grey shade and Dekton’s Orix which gives a modern industrial feel.


Berry shades

Berry shades are making a comeback for 2023 and are the choice of the bold and daring. Painted cabinents with matching colour kitchen appliances and fresh flowers are an easy way to give you kitchen an infusion of colour. With the range of decadent and rich berry shades, berry colours give the kitchen a refreshing colour burst and lip-smacking wow-factor. From raspberry to smoked grape, mulberry and cherry, berry colours are here to stay in 2023.


Copper hardware

Copper, brass and gold hardware are 2023’s must have kitchen accessory. Combining perfectly with the elegance of stone worktops, shiny polished hardware handles, faucets and light fixtures add the finishing touch to a classy kitchen whether it be modern or classic in style.


Make it modern 

Want to keep to a modern look? It’s no wonder that white is the most popular kitchen worktop shade and the most requested colour for kitchen worktops in 2023. White quartz worktops give a fresh and modern kitchen feeling that look crisp, clean and sophisticated. Looking for something more bold? Black keeps it modern in 2023 with its dramatic, enticing and classy look. White and black doesn’t have to be boring, just look at the ever popular Calacatta Maximus Quartz from Caesarstone, with its gorgeous and modern patterns or Fugenstone’s White Shimmer with its dazzling shimmer.


Combining natural elements

Using a combination of natural elements in the kitchen together can create an envy-worthy kitchen look as more and more homeowners are turning back to nature. To make your kitchen stand out try using a natural stone like granite for your worktops combined with natural wooden cabinets. 


Adding warmth

Are you tired of a stark white kitchen and craving some warmth? Adding some warmth can create that homely bliss you are looking through colder months flowing effortlessly into spring and summer. Think cream, ivory and warm sand for cosy moments with your morning coffee and sun soaked afternoons. We adore Mediterranean Pearl Marble and Caesarstone’s Buttermilk for cheery and comforting tones in the kitchen.


Brown is back

Brown has made an entrance for 2023 with muted browns, coffees, mushroom and walnut. The browns of 2023 give an elegant upscale look to your kitchen worktop or cabinet whilst fitting seamlessly into a modern aesthetic. These gorgeous modern shades will have you falling in love with brown all over again: cream of cappuccino colour by Silestone and Ceasarstone’s Shitake.


Dusty colours

If you are looking for a way to add a little colour to your kitchen without going too bold or over the top, a dusty colour may be the answer you are looking for. As opposed to pastel colours which can throw back to a retro era, dusty colours are pretty, fresh and fit perfectly to a 2023 modern kitchen. Whether it’s dusty pink, dusty peach or dusty blue, dusty and muted colours are 2023’s best kept secret. 

Hot tip: Combine dusty blue with taupe for a contemporary look or with a warm taupe for a modern take on Mediterranean living.


Create some luxury

Using a natural stone like marble can instantly transform a kitchen from basic and drab to luxurious and stylish. Whether a complete marble makeover or a simple marble island feature, marble is the surefire way to create sophistication and elegance in the kitchen. We love Bianco Carrara Marble for a timeless and stylish look.



Whether it’s a small change or a complete kitchen makeover, 2023 is all about bringing some life and love back into your kitchen. We hope our 2023 top kitchen colour trends guide has given you the inspiration needed to get started with your new kitchen, here’s to more cooking, more enjoyable moments and more family time in 2023.

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