Worktop Edge Profiles

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Kitchen Worktop Edge Profiles

If you are renovating your kitchen and installing new stone kitchen worktops, then you might be wondering what worktop edge profiles you should choose for your worktops. Whether your interior design is classic or contemporary, minimalistic or bold, there is no shortage of worktop edge styles to choose from that will complement your kitchen look.

In our article, we explore the most popular worktop edge profiles and what type of interior designs they work well with, so you can choose the right edge profile to suit your kitchen interior design.


Worktop Edge Finishes

Square Edge or Straight Edge

A Square Edge or Straight Edge profile is simply an edge that has been squared off. It has no special design or rounding of the edges. This type of edge profile is popular for a modern and clean look perfect for contemporary kitchens. The straight edge is simple and easy to clean and take care of. 


Eased Edge

An Eased Edge is a square or straight edge which has been slightly rounded or eased at the top and bottom. The slight roundness creates a softer profile and eliminates sharp corners for the worktop. It has less of a rounded edge than that of the pencil edge profile.


Beveled Edge

A Beveled Edge is a straight edge bottom with a sloping angled edge at the top, usually at a 45-degree angle. This edge gives a clean, crisp look and looks fantastic in a modern kitchen.


Full Bullnose Edge

A Full Bullnose Edge is an edge which is curved and has been rounded. The smooth edge of the Full Bullnose is ideal for those who want a safer edge that’s free of sharp corners. The smooth round edge gives an elegant look and is a popular choice for both modern and classic kitchen designs.


Half Bullnose Edge

A Half Bullnose Edge has a curve at the top of the edge, similar to the Full Bullnose, which then curves to a straight edge for the bottom part. This edge is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.



Ogee Edge

An Ogee Edge resembles an S shape curve and is known for giving a sophisticated and elegant look to a kitchen worktop. The Ogee edge is popular in classic and traditional home designs but can be used in any kitchen look. If you want an eye-catching design, the Ogee guarantees a lasting luxurious impression.


Dupont Edge

A Dupont Edge is an edge profile that has a 90-degree angle at the top which leads into a rounded bottom edge. Is somewhat comparable to an Ogee edge with its multi-tiered profile. The Dupont edge gives an elevated style to the kitchen worktop with its sophisticated design and ornate appearance.


Triple Pencil Round (Waterfall Edge)

The Waterfall Edge features three cascading rounded edges that create a continuous flow. This elegant design gives a sleek and stylish appearance. The waterfall edge is popular with worktops that are thicker like a 40mm worktop, where the waterfall feature can make a grand and deluxe statement.


Chiselled Edge

A Chiselled Edge is created by hand chiselling with the intent to create a rustic or natural finished look. The chiselled edge is not smoothed out or rounded and features an irregular or chipped appearance. This worktop edge type looks fabulous on stone worktops where a natural, textured or rustic look is the vision.


Scotia (Cove Dupont Edge)

A Cove Dupont Edge is a variation of the Dupont style. The top starts with an inward curve leading to a 90-degree angle and ends with an outward curve. This worktop edge gives a sophisticated and decorative look that is perfect to add elegance to a room.


Shark Nose Edge

A Shark Nose Edge is rounded at the top to a tapering finish. This sleek edge looks great in a minimalistic or classic kitchen design.



Pencil Edge

A Pencil Edge is a square edge with rounded top and bottom. The rounded edges create a softening and erase any harshness associated with straight edges. It is more rounded than that of the eased edge. This edge is a simple and soft edge ideal for any modern, classic or minimalistic look. 


Granite, Marble, Ceramic and Quartz Edge Profiles

Whether you are using an engineered stone like quartz, porcelain or Dekton or a natural stone like marble or granite, there is the perfect worktop edge profile that will suit your desired look.

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