Two stone side tables in front of a lounge

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premium stone side TABLES

Are you looking for a stone side table to instantly improve and up-lift your space? Paramount Stone Specialists are stone experts and have been creating beautiful custom-made furniture for over 25 years.

We can create stone side tables in many natural stone materials including marble, granite, quartz, limestone, micro marble, travertine and ceramic.

Whether it’s a marble side table for your lounge room or a granite side table for your bedroom, we are ready to make that beautiful piece for your home.


Bespoke Side Tables


what is a side table?

A convenient piece of furniture, side tables are not only used as a beautiful design feature but also as a handy table to place beverages, food, remote controls or display items on.

Side tables can be used in virtually any space you can think of, including bedrooms, lounge rooms and even outdoor areas.

Side tables are known mostly for adding extra luxury and convenience by allowing quick reaching to beverages and snacks directly from the lounge or bed. They are not only practical additions to the home, but are essential to consider when assessing room design.

You can use our stone side tables to perfectly match other stone features you have or as just a one off feature in your home. Side tables can be used to decorate and display room decor or simply to create balance in your interior design.

A white marble side table with wine, food and candle on top
Round, grey side table stone furniture

25 Years Experience


Custom Made Stone Side Tables

We have an abundance of experience in creating innovative and stunning designs. Let us inspire you with our work, or we can create the design of your choosing in your own exact specifications. Round, square, rectangle, oval or special shape, our stonemasons are experts at creating beautiful custom-made stone side tables. 

In our free consultation, one of our stone professionals will discuss your requirements and plan with sizing, stone material and colours. We can create matching pairs or a one off centrepiece.

It’s time to make your space more enjoyable and luxurious with a new stone side table. Contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email to chat to our friendly stone professionals.