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If you are looking for a way to give your home a luxurious warmth and an elegant feel, a marble fireplace is the perfect fit for you.

Paramount Stone Specialists have been creating bespoke marble fireplaces for over 25 years. With our innovative and creative designs, we are known as leaders in the industry and the manufacturers of choice for 1000s of customers throughout the UK.

It is not only our craft that makes us special, we are able to give our customers affordable prices and at the same time personalised and outstanding customer service from beginning to end.

Marble fireplaces are a classy addition to any home. They make a luxurious focal point and add a feeling of comfort and warmth on those cold winter nights. Is there anything better than curling up with a hot cup of tea or cocoa in front of your very own cosy and stylish marble fireplace?

We make custom-made marble full suites, marble fire surrounds, marble hearths, backs and panels in the specifications required to suit your space. Whether you have a wood, electric, ethanol or gas fireplace, marble can be used and make a truly practical solution. We have a range of colours and styles in both contemporary and classic designs, with an option perfect for any space.

Paramount Marble Fireplaces


Benefits of a Marble Fireplace

Marble fireplaces make an excellent choice as a fireplace material and are highly desirable by people all over the world.

As your fireplace will be a fixture in your home for many years, you will want a fireplace that meets your aesthetic and practicality expectations.

If you are looking for a fireplace that is tasteful but still gives that wow factor, marble is the right option for you. Marble fireplaces are deluxe and have that rare quality of being both classic yet always remaining in style.

Marble has a historic background of being used in some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, admired for both its aesthetic and practical qualities. With an ever luxurious feeling, marble fireplaces create a welcoming statement and the homely finish to a space.

If longevity is an important consideration for you, you won’t be concerned when you choose marble. Marble holds up well over time with its durable and hard wearing nature. Fireplaces can be a busy area, often being used several times a day. Marble easily stands up to busy activity and withstands accidental knocks from common fireplace tools like wood buckets.

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Paramount Marble Fireplaces


Benefits of a Marble Fireplace (Continued)

Another advantage is that marble maintains its colour integrity well and does not fade or change colour over time. Marble fireplaces will not warp or go out of shape with heat which can happen to other materials. Inevitable stray sparks and embers won’t be an issue with marble’s excellent heat-resistant qualities.

Marble stone fireplaces are simple and easy to clean. Marks like soot and dirt are easily cleaned using just a cloth and water. Marble requires sealing which makes the stone non-porous and helps protect the marble from moisture. Resealing at time periods advised by Paramount can be done to make sure your marble remains in pristine condition.

Using marble is a smart investment. With a fireplace that stays in style and with less need to replace or repair, marble makes a smarter decision in the long run. Unlike some other fireplace types, marble actually add significant value to a house and increase its worth.

With marble, you have the bonus of countless colour and appearance options. From a solid colour to a piece with unique veining, there is an option that will please every homeowner.

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Bespoke Marble FireplaceS

Are you ready to add more luxury and comfort to your home with your new bespoke marble fireplace?

Paramount Stone Specialists are ready to custom make your new marble stone fireplace in the size, colour and appearance suited to your unique space.

We are able to service residential and as well as commercial premises. From hotels to pubs, we have the experience, products and service right for your project.

We stock premium quality marble sourced from Italy and around the world which our stonemasons craft into our brilliant designs.

We believe in providing dedicated and personal service from start to finish, this is why we have earned so much trust in our communities throughout our decades of service.

For further information or to hear more about marble fireplaces from one of our friendly staff members, contact Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or by email us at

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