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Are you looking to add more delight to your garden or outdoor space with a new stone bench?

At Paramount Stone Specialists, we custom-make stone benches in a variety of styles and in many beautiful stone types.

From a classic style to a modern stone bench, we have a design suited for everyone’s taste.

Our stone comes in a selection of dazzling colours, with patterns, solid colours and natural veining all available to suit your unique taste.

Stone benches are perfect to add that charm factor to a garden area and to make being outdoors feel more relaxing. They are not only a beautiful focal piece but also a place to sit, relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy your outdoor area.

Homeowners particularly love using stone for their bench material as it gives a luxurious feeling and stays consistent with the natural surroundings.

If you have a garden that you love to admire, a stone bench will quickly become your regular go-to seat that will bring you joy for years.



Bespoke Stone Benches


Benefits of a stone bench

Stone is one of the most beautiful natural materials available and has been used and adored for centuries. Unlike some other materials, stone doesn’t go out of style and its beauty is ageless.

Stone benches are strong, durable and able to tolerate outdoor conditions quite well. They don’t scratch or damage easily and can have a longer life span than other common materials. 

Stone is water-resistant and non-porous, so perfectly fine under outdoor elements like rain and moisture. Some stone types may require sealing first to ensure their non-porous quality.

Stone such as granite and sintered stone have high UV resistance and make an excellent choice if your stone bench will be in direct sunlight.

As stone is a natural material, it fits in seamlessly with a natural space or garden. It has a characteristic grace and sophistication that makes any area feel more luxurious.

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Black stone bench and ornament in outdoor area

25 Years Experience


Custom Made Stone Benches

Paramount Stone Specialists have been specialising in stone furniture and creating bespoke stone benches for over 25 years. Our experienced stone masons are expert at carving hand-made designs, perfect to be prized in your garden for years to come.

We carry a range of natural and engineered stones that are excellent materials to use for outdoor benches. Whether it’s a marble, granite, quartz, ceramic or sintered stone bench, we are ready to create the perfect piece for your garden.

Paramount not only services residential homes, but can also make stone benches for commercial premises and larger scale projects.

If you are ready to make your garden more special with a bespoke stone bench, contact Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or email us on to talk about your new design.