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Premium Quartz Worktops In Grimsby

Paramount Stone Specialists are experts in quartz worktops in Grimsby, with over 25 years of exceptional, professional, and friendly service to the Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and neighbouring communities.

When you choose Paramount, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in the best of hands, with a commitment to premium service, unbeatable prices, and a stress-free experience. 

Our strong reputation in the community is reflected in our glowing customer reviews, and we take immense pride in our high number of returning customers and the relationships we’ve formed over the years.

Our Hull based factory was recently upgraded with the latest in state-of-the-art stone technology, which ensures precise cutting and allows us to give our customers the absolute best results possible. The combination of this cutting-edge technology, our passion for our craft, and our above and beyond customer service, ensures that your quartz worktop will be meticulously fabricated, finished, delivered and installed in a timely, professional and enjoyable manner.

We even offer home measurement service, where we can come to your home or commercial space and take measurements to ensure we get the most accurate measurements for your new project as well as an accurate quote.

25 years of Quartz Worktops In Grimsby


Quartz Worktops Servicing All Areas In Grimsby & Lincolnshire

We specialise in Grimsby quartz worktops!

So, why is it that everyone seems to be buzzing about quartz worktops, and why should they be at the top of your list for your next renovation?

Quartz is an advanced stone product that offers a perfect blend of beauty, practicality, versatility, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for worktops. 

Being an engineered stone, quartz combines natural quartz with resin and pigments, offering the beauty of a stone worktop without limitations imposed by nature like natural stone such as granite, marble and quartzite.

With a plethora of colours and styles available, quartz allows you to achieve your dream design without having to compromise. Whether you desire a solid colour with a little shimmer or a look that resembles natural marble and its veining, the stunning designs available will complete your new kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, or laundry area.

If you’re seeking a worktop that can withstand the challenges of a busy kitchen and stand the test of time, quartz is an excellent choice. It boasts high durability, resistance to wear and tear, scratch resistance and chip resistance.

A modern kitchen with a black faucet and grey quartz worktops
Contemporary kitchen with quartz worktops, white cabinets and steel oven

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Grimsby Quartz Worktops Specialists

With some other kitchen worktop materials, you might be concerned about spills and stains. Quartz takes the stress out of daily life, with its excellent stain-resistant quality. With prompt wiping after spills, your quartz countertop will very rarely stain and should maintain its pristine appearance year after year.

Cleaning quartz is easy to do, a simple wipe of the surface with soapy water is sufficient after use and daily wiping will ensure dust doesn’t build up. 

One of the major advantages of quartz is its non-porous nature. Quartz kitchen worktops do not require sealing and are resistant to liquid absorption, germs, and bacteria seeping into the surface. This means you can go about your busy life without worrying about sealing or complicated maintenance routines and still have a hygienic kitchen surface safe for food preparation and serving.

With proper care, your quartz worktop can outlast many other popular materials, making it a worthy contender and an excellent investment over time with fewer repairs, restoration or replacements needed.

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Grimsby Quartz Kitchen Worktops

With over 25 years of experience, Paramount Stone Specialists have been delivering top-notch quartz kitchen worktops to the Grimsby and Lincolnshire communities. 

Whether you prefer a modern or traditional design, from a moody dark shade to a bright white, quartz options will dazzle you and give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.

Paramount’s commitment to excellence can be seen through our reputation in the Grimsby community, our loyal customers who continue to recommend us and our positive reviews we receive from our Grimsby customers. 

While keeping our prices affordable, we take immense pride in our work and refuse to compromise on quality or service.

From small projects to large, residential or large size commercial projects, our experienced team is your go-to for professional stone service.

Modern boho kitchen with white and wooden decor and white quartz worktops.
Modern dark look kitchen with quartz stone worktops and down lights

25+ Years Experience


Premium Grimsby quartz worktops at the best prices

Are you ready to give yourself that new dream kitchen makeover you have always wanted?

Don’t settle for anything less than the experts in Grimsby quartz worktops, Paramount Stone Specialists.

At Paramount, we are renowned for creating exceptional quartz worktops and we have the most beautiful selection of quartz available. We partner with the worldwide’s most trusted brands such as Silestone, Lunastone, Dekton, Caesarstone, CRL Stone, Fugenstone, Compac, Cimstone, Quarella, Lapitec, Santamargherita, International Stones, Neolith, Cambria Quartz, and many more.

For more information, contact us on 01482 585600 or get in touch with us by email at info@paramountstone.co.uk.

Paramount Stone Specialists serves all areas of Grimsby and Lincolnshire, including Central Grimsby, Holme Hill, Littlefield, Nunsthorpe, Scartho, Weelsby, Wybers Wood, Great Coates, Laceby, New Waltham, Waltham, Cleethorpes, Humberston, and Healing.