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A stone coffee table is the perfect centrepiece for a room and an easy way to add more luxury to your home.

Stone coffee tables have never been more popular for their many advantages over other materials. Not only is stone durable and easy to maintain, it has an inherent beauty that other materials simply cannot match.

At Paramount Stone Specialists, we are well known for creating one of a kind stone coffee tables throughout the UK, always at affordable price points. We have a style for everyone, whether it be a modern stone top coffee table or a classic round stone coffee table. Our stonemasons excel at their craft, handcrafting each piece with skill and dawing upon years of experience.

Each stone piece is made to order according to our clients’ own unique measurements and the stone of choice. We have many natural and engineered stones to choose from including marble, ceramic, quartz, granite, micro marble, limestone, travertine and sintered stone.


Bespoke Stone Coffee Tables


benefits of stone coffee tables

Often referred to as the centrepiece or focal point of the room when seated, a coffee table is an important piece that can tie a room together.

You can never go wrong with choosing stone for your coffee table as it is a natural material that never goes out of fashion. With a naturally stunning appearance, stone gives a luxury impression to guests and instantly makes the room look more stylish.

Most stone is highly durable as well as scratch, stain and heat-resistant. Stone will not easily break or damage especially compared to many of the other popular coffee table materials. This is an important quality considering you will likely be using your coffee table daily.

Stone comes in wide colour and appearance options, from the darkest dark to the brightest white and everything in between, there is an option for everyone.

At Paramount Stone Specialists, stone coffee tables are not as expensive as you might think and make great investments in the long run due to their naturally long life.

An added bonus is that stone is an environmentally preferred option. Stone is sustainably quarried and manufactured and can also be recycled, reused or returned to the earth. Compared to other material manufacturing, stone requires less processing and produces less waste and emissions.

A grey themed lounge with sofa and stone coffee table
A lounge with a modern stone coffee table

Your New Stone Coffee Table


Custom Made Stone coffee Tables

Paramount Stone Specialists are masters at creating bespoke and beautiful full stone or stone top coffee tables.

We can custom create all types of shapes and sizes to enhance your space. Square, rectangle, oval, circle, triangle or even a unique shape, we can custom make it for you. We can even make a coffee table with a built in fireplace, for a fabulous modern look. Our full service includes helping you with the design, in house fabrication and a delivery service or pickup from our factory.

Ready for a dazzling new stone coffee table? Contact Paramount on 01482 585600 or email us anytime at to talk about your upcoming project.