Grey granite kitchen worktop with copper kitchen accessories

Granite Kitchen Worktops


Premium Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are naturally stunning and give a sophisticated and upscale look to your kitchen space.

Granite is a completely natural stone that is an elegant and popular choice for kitchen worktops. With granite being a unique stone, you will have a one of a kind kitchen worktop with natural patterning and appearance to set your kitchen apart from the rest. There is an option to suit everyone’s style with many colours of natural granite available.

Granite worktops are known for being highly durable and easy to maintain, with little upkeep required and a long lifespan. As it can outlast many other materials, granite countertops are great value and a better investment for your kitchen.

Every slab of granite is unique, we have an excellent catalogue with a wide range of granite colours from our network of trusted wholesalers across the UK to suit your desired look.

Granite Countertops


Benefits of Granite Worktops

  • For those wishing to have a natural stone worktop, granite is a perfect choice. Granite worktops give an upscale look to your kitchen with its stunning appearance and sleek look all while being available naturally in a range of beautiful colours. 
  • Granite worktops are unique. Granite is a natural stone, so your granite stone worktop will be one of a kind with its own special patterns and appearance. When you choose granite you will have a beautiful natural stone piece that will be as unique as it is beautiful.
  • Granite is one of the hardest and strongest natural stones. It is resistant to abrasion and scratches under normal use conditions and exceeds many other surfaces for its durability quality. Accidental knife dropping and pot banging are bound to happen in the kitchen and a granite work surface is a great option to withstand normal kitchen use without a high chance of damage occurring. Granite stone worktops are excellent choices if you want a worktop that will last over time and uphold its beautiful condition.
A black granite worktop with two sinks and a tap. Worktop has drainage grooves
A grey granite countertop in the kitchen

Quality Granite Worktops


Benefits Of Granite Worktops (Continued)

  • Granite has thermal shock, chemical, impact and fire resistance. Granite also has very high UV resistance making it one of the most popular choices for outdoor worktops and outdoor kitchens. Granite work surfaces are not easily damaged by sunlight or stained by water. Granite has a high heat tolerance which makes it an all round excellent choice for an outdoor countertop.
  • Granite is non-porous when it has been sealed properly so you don’t have to worry about anything penetrating into your stone or staining it. It is also low maintenance and can be cleaned easily with soap and warm water.
  • Granite worktops are completely flat making them a top choice for kitchen enthusiasts. Whether it be rolling pastry, dough or pasta, it can be rolled or kneaded directly on the benchtop. It makes for a fantastic workstation and preparation countertop that professionals and homeowners will love.

Your New Granite Worktop


Granite Worktops UK

Are you looking for a new granite worktop in your home, office or commercial space? Paramount Stone Specialists have been serving the UK for over 25 years with premium quality worktops at affordable pricing.
We source premium quality granite that has been carefully chosen and Imported from Italy and other quarries around the world. We have a colour to suit everyone’s taste, with a wide range of stunning natural granite colours available. 
The Paramount difference starts with the way we do things. We believe in quality first and we value every one of our customers. This is shown in the brilliance of our designs, the finished products we produce and the 1000s of happy customers we have served.
For further information about granite worktops, contact us at Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or by email at and we will be happy to go through our colours and options to make your design come to life.
Modern kitchen with a grey granite worktops
Modern kitchen with a close up of a white granite countertop and fruit decor

Granite Worktops FAQ


Granite Kitchen Worktops FAQ


Does granite change colour in the sun?

Granite does not change colour in the sun or fade. Natural granite worktops are ideal for outdoor kitchen spaces that come in contact with direct sunlight as they have excellent UV resistance.

Does granite need to be sealed?

Yes, granite worktops require sealing first before using. Sealing ensures the worktop is non-porous and will not hold water or germs.

Can you cut food on granite?

We strongly advise against direct cutting on granite worktops and to always use a chopping board while cutting. Although granite is a durable surface, it is best practice to avoid direct cutting as this will ensure you protect your knives as well as your worktop.


Are granite worktops expensive?

A granite worktop can be more expensive than some other popular countertop materials. However, granite is a long-lasting and durable material that can outlast many other materials and over the long run is a great financial investment for the kitchen.

Can i visit a granite worktops showroom near me?

Yes, our showroom is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm and on Saturdays by appointment.

How To Care For Granite Worktops


Granite Worktops Care

Granite worktops can have some of the longest lifespans of countertop materials.
Maintaining and looking after your worktops are essential for preserving their beautiful appearance and ensuing their long life. 
Cleaning a granite worktop is simple and easy. You should wipe down your granite kitchen worktop daily to ensure it is kept clean and to avoid grime build up. You can use warm water and soap or a mild dishwashing detergent for any stains. A mild kitchen cleaner with a microfiber cloth and some water can also be used. Buffing afterwards will help the granite surface look shiny and clear of marks.
For a deeper clean or for granite that have been ignored for long periods, you can use a pH neutral cleaner and degreaser to get rid of those tougher stains.
You should avoid placing hot pans directly on your worktop. Although granite has high heat resistance, you should make sure to always use heat mats, pot stands or trivets. 
You should also avoid cutting food directly on your granite countertops. Granite is a strong and sturdy surface however there is always a chance you could damage your worktop as well as damaging your knives.
To ensure a non-porous quality and to maintain excellent condition, granite should be sealed and resealed at the intervals recommended by your Paramount Stone expert. 
A luxury kitchen with granite worktops and splashbacks, stove top and steel faucet
A close up of a highly veined white granite worktop styled with vases and candle

Granite Kitchen Worktop Overlays


Granite Overlay WorktopS 

Granite overlay worktops are thinner granite slabs that are fitted over your pre-existing kitchen countertop. At Paramount, we can install a granite overlay worktop for any home or commercial premises.

Overlays have recently been getting more popular, as it’s a more affordable way to renovate your kitchen countertop without having to replace completely or buy a whole new worktop.

 Granite overlays are a thinner piece of stone which are installed in an expert way to create the impression of a full solid stone worktop.

As well as the cost advantage, overlay granite worktops are quick to install and void the need to dispose of your current kitchen worktop.

Our granite overlays are professionally installed for a flawless new countertop in the same premium natural granite stone that we use in our regular worktops.

 To talk to one of our professional staff about if overlay worktops are right for your needs, call us on 01482 585600 or contact us by email at


Granite Offcuts


Granite Worktop Offcuts

Did you know that Paramount has a large range of granite worktop offcuts in stock in an array of beautiful colours and styles?
With our work with granite slabs, we always have a variety of offcuts from larger projects which are kept at our premises which are for sale to residential, builders and commercial.
For those wishing to use a granite offcut for a smaller project, it’s a smart way to save money and at the same get that same premium granite stone at a discounted price. 
You can use granite offcuts to make products to your existing stone, like a matching chopping board or placemats. We are happy to recommend some creative ways to use granite offcuts.
Email or call us for further information on our offcuts. Our offcuts can be viewed in person at our premises.
A modern and new kitchen with white with grey veined granite worktops and splashbacks


Granite Worktop Colour Selection