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When deciding on stone splashbacks for your kitchen, don’t settle for anything less than Paramount’s premium stone materials and craftsmanship.

Paramount Stone Specialists have been making quality stone splashbacks for customers around the UK for over 25 years.

Whether it’s a granite splashback with natural veining or a sparkling white ceramic splashback, we can perfectly match your kitchen worktop and colour palette.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist you in a colour and material consultation to determine the perfect stone for your project. With the many natural and engineered stones available, there is style for everyone.

We can make stone splashbacks in granite, ceramic, quartz, sintered stone and marble in a brilliant range of colours and styles.


Quality Stone Splashbacks


Benefits of Stone Splashbacks

Stone splashbacks are an excellent choice as a splashback material and are one of the most popular choices for good reason.

Stone splashbacks are stylish and give that impressive look to the kitchen that other materials simply cannot compete with. Not only that, but stone is one of those rare materials that doesn’t go out of style. This is a big plus to the homeowner with a kitchen that won’t need replacing from an outdated look.

Unlike some other materials such as wood, you can easily match your stone worktop to your stone splashback, creating a beautiful and balanced interior design.

Sometimes the kitchen can be a busy area prone to accidents. It’s great peace of mind that stone has excellent scratch, stain and heat-resistant qualities. Some stone types don’t even require sealing and are naturally non-porous and will not stain or hold germs. Others that require sealing become non-porous after they have been sealed and possess these same excellent qualities.

Stone is strong and durable. This quality makes stone splashbacks a long-lasting option and financially a smart decision to make.



Industrial style kitchen with natural stone splashback
Contemporary kitchen with stone splashback and worktop

#1 Stone Splashbacks


Benefits of Stone Splashbacks (continued)

There is an extraordinary array of designs and colours available. Whether you are looking for a classic approach or a modern style, there is the perfect stone to create that dream design you have in mind.

Stone is also a more environmentally friendly option than many other materials. Stone is quarried and manufactured in sustainable ways and the stone industry creates far less environmental impact than many alternative material. After its use, stone splashbacks can be reused, recycled or even returned back to the earth.

At Paramount, we focus on high quality and customer care, always. That means that every one of our jobs is given the dedication that it deserves.

Are you ready to create that beautiful stone splashback that you will admire for years?

Our team at Paramount Stone Specialists are ready to create, deliver and install your brand new beautiful stone splashback.

Need a matching worktop to go with your splashback? Find out more about our stone worktops here.

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