A bathroom with granite wall and floor, white bathtub and shower curtain.

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Are you looking for new bathroom worktops for your home or commercial premises? 

Paramount Stone specialists are leading bathroom worktop experts with over 25 years experience.

At Paramount, our specialty lies in marble, granite, ceramic, quartz, limestone, travertine, sintered stone, quartzite and micro marble.

We not only supply these materials at the best prices, we provide custom-made bathroom worktops in the colour, size and material suited for your bathroom as well as expert installation by our experienced in-house team.

Whether you are looking for a simple white ceramic worktop or a luxurious marble vanity, our team is ready to bring your bathroom dreams to life. 

Why leave your bathroom in the hands of just anyone. When you work with Paramount, you are partnering with an experienced and friendly team who will make your next project easy and enjoyable all while giving you affordable prices, so you never have to sacrifice on quality, service or price. 

Our motto is ‘Quality is Paramount’, and this is shown in our reputation in the communities we work in, our glowing reviews and our commitment to our customers through over two decades of service.

Bespoke Bathroom Worktops



Our bathroom worktops are cut to size to your own unique specifications in the material, shape and thickness of your choosing.

We can even come to your home or commercial space and measure up your bathroom, so you will have complete peace of mind that your new bathroom worktop’s size will be just right.

Our range of bathroom services extends to bathroom worktops, basins, vanities, cladding, flooring, window sills, bathtub stone surrounds, shower trays, shower walls and more.

It’s the perfect moment to give your bathroom space some much deserved love and have that dream bathroom you have always wanted.

We can use the same slab for multiple items, creating a beautiful symmetry and saving you costs. Imagine luxurious marble worktops with matching basins, shower trays and window sills. We can even make matching furniture, like beautiful and handy tables.

We also have a range of offcuts available to save your further costs for smaller projects. 

A simple white bathroom with classic decor
A close up of a stone bathroom worktop and faucet

What Is The Best Material To Use For A Bathroom Worktop?

Choosing the right material for your bathroom is an important consideration which will affect both the aesthetics and practical components of your bathroom. 

At Paramount, we have a wide range of materials that are both practical and stunning, so no matter what look, price and functionality you are looking for, we have the right solution to fit your needs.

From natural stone like marble, limestone and granite bathroom worktops, to composite and sintered stone like quartz and the popular Dekton range, we have the best range of materials perfect for bathroom use.

Below, we have compared the most popular types of worktops for bathrooms, to better help you make your decision.

If you still can’t decide on what material is best suited for your needs, don’t worry, our staff have years of experience and are ready to assist you with your free consultation.

Sintered Stone Bathroom Worktops

Sintered stone bathroom worktops are a remarkable product and have been called the next generation in engineered stone.

The advanced method of creating sintered stone leads to an extremely durable, beautiful and versatile material.

Sintered stone offers excellent resistance to heat, scratches, stains, damage and UV rays, making an excellent option for use in indoor bathrooms as well as outdoor bathrooms.

Sintered stone is non-porous so will not stain with water-marks or other stains.

With fewer time required for cleaning and maintaining and a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes, sintered stone has even the most fussy homeowners happy.

A close up of a faucet, sink and a sintered stone bathroom worktop.
A classic bathtub with a marble bathroom worktop, marble wall and double sinks.

Marble Bathroom Worktops

Marble bathroom worktops are renowned for their opulence, sophistication and timeless beauty.

As one of the most popular options for bathrooms, marble provides an instant luxurious appearance as well as a highly functional material for bathroom use.

The natural veining, colours and patterns in marble create a one of a kind charm that cannot be 100% replicated.

Marble requires sealing, which can be easily done and will protect the naturally porous stone from any staining.

It is no wonder that marble is commonly used in many up-scale hotels, spas as well as residential homes to give an elegant and glamourous appearance. 

Porcelain or Ceramic Bathroom Worktops

Ceramic or porcelain bathroom worktops are stunning, affordable, durable and a versatile option for the homeowner.

With a non-porous nature, there is no required sealing or re-sealing, making it a low maintenance solution.

With stain resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and easy cleaning, it’s no surprise that so many are turning to ceramic as their material of choice. 

There is a wide selection of ceramic and porcelain colours with dazzling designs and shades that mimic natural stones, offered at affordable price points.

A classic bathroom with a ceramic bathroom worktop, black cabinets and rose bunch decor.
A modern white and gold styled bathroom with quartz bathroom worktop with bathtub and mirror.

Quartz Bathroom Worktops

Quartz bathroom worktops, also referred to as engineered stone, are formed by mixing natural crushed quartz combined with a small amount of resin.

The resin component gives quartz its excellent non-porous and stain resistance quality making it perfect for the bathroom and areas around water.

Quartz is well known for having a wide abundance of colours and design options to select from, perhaps the greatest range of options out of any stone. Yet, quartz also offers the homeowner durability, resistance to stains and a low maintenance fuss free option.

Quartz has become extremely popular in recent years in modern bathroom designs with their stunning designs on offer.

Granite Bathroom Worktops

Granite bathroom worktops are a popular choice for bathrooms as they are naturally stunning, with unique patterns, durable and are a great option for bathroom use.

For busy and high traffic bathrooms, granite makes a great option due to its high resistance to scratches, heat and stains.

As it is a natural stone, it is recommended to seal granite, to ensure its stain resistance and for its general protection.

Granite has one of a kind unique veining and patterns, just like marble, yet is usually a more affordable option. 

Granite can also be used in outdoor bathrooms and in direct sunlight, due to its natural high UV resistance quality.

A classic style bathroom with granite bathroom worktops with plant decor.
A modern simple bathroom with a limestone bathroom worktop, wood cabinets and rectangle mirror.

Limestone Bathroom Worktops

Limestone bathroom worktops give a unique and charming appearance, known for their unique texture and subtle light shades.

Used in architecture for centuries, it is still widely used and popular today in many different applications.

Alhough it is a softer stone than marble or granite, it is still strong and durable.

Limestone is another material that requires sealing to protect the surface from potential stains and water.

Limestone worktops are timeless and can add a natural and earthy touch to a bathroom design as well as keep your bathroom cool.

Travertine Bathroom Worktops

Travertine bathroom worktops offer a distinct and rustic appearance.

This 100% natural stone features unique textures and colours, adding character to the bathroom unique to that of travertine.

Travertine comes in various earthy tones, from light ivory to warm beige, perfect for bathroom designs.

Like other natural stones, your travertine should be sealed to protect from any stains or and water absorption.

As well as its beauty, travertine is durable, UV-resistant, long-lasting and adds real estate value when it is used in a home.

A travertine bathroom worktop with matching travertine bathtub surrounds.
A bathroom with quartzite bathroom worktop and floor with wooden cabinets

Quartzite Bathroom Worktops

Quartzite bathroom worktops are another great option for bathroom use.

Quartzite is an extremely hard stone formed naturally within the earth by extreme heat and pressure.

As quartzite is 100% natural, it has some of the most beautiful and unique patterns and colours, giving a truly one of a kind bathroom.

The hard nature of quartzite, means a durable and long-lasting surface when taken care of. Remarkably, quartzite is even harder than quartz and granite.

Quartzite is naturally UV-resistant and can be used in outdoor or open bathrooms.

Like other natural stones, quartzite should be sealed to protect it and prevent stains.

Laminate Bathroom Worktops

Laminate Bathroom Worktops can provide a cheaper alternative for those looking at saving costs.

The main advantage of laminate is the dollar savings they can offer. While it’s important to consider the price, homeowners should consider both the cost over the long term as well as short term.

While laminate has come a long way, the risk of water damage to the board underneath often creates the need for more repair and replacements than that of natural stone, engineered stone and ceramic.

These costs can actually make the price of laminate overall much higher than choosing a more suitable material.

Unfortunately, laminate is also known for adding lower home resale value and the aesthetic is not as beautiful compared to that of stone. 

Unless precautions are taken, the risk of damage combined with aesthetics, makes laminate a less than favourable choice.

Close up of a laminate bathroom worktop near a sink.
Close up of a white stone vanity and faucet

25+ Years Experience


Paramount Cut To Size Bathroom Worktops

Are you ready for your new bathroom worktop?

Look no further than Paramount’s exceptional custom-made worktops, vanity units and basins for your next bathroom project.

Our commitment to our customers means your project will be given the dedication it deserves as well as giving you a friendly, smooth and cost-effective experience.

We service the UK nation-wide, so wherever you are based, we can deliver and install your new bathroom in a timely manner.

We stock a wide range of stone and ceramics at our factory and have some of the most beautiful and rare selection available. Our showroom is located in Hull, which is open for customers from 8am-4pm on Monday-Friday and on Saturdays by appointment. Our showroom has colours, materials and knowledgeable staff on hand to support you with your design.

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