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Residential & Commercial Stone Cladding


Custom Stone Cladding

Looking for stone cladding for your residential or commercial project? Paramount Stone Specialists provide custom stone cladding in a range of both natural and engineered stone materials at excellent prices.

For over 25 years, Paramount Stone Specialists has been at the forefront of the stone cladding service in the UK, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and premium service.

Stone is a much loved architectural material, admired throughout history for standing the test of time and creating natural, breathtaking facades and interiors. 

At Paramount, we provide custom cut cladding in a wide range of natural and composite stones including porcelain, granite, slate, marble, limestone, quartz, sandstone and many others.

Using our laser cut stone cutting technology and advanced machinery, our experienced team of in-house stonemasons cut stone with precision to your desired measurements and specifications.

We have a large range of beautiful stone colours for our customers to choose from, and we can cut to your desired shape, specifications and design. Our customers can explore a myriad of textures, colours and patterns in our stone colours library, ensuring the winning match for your design and vision.

25+ Years Experience


Benefits of Stone Cladding

Does your home deserve a little refresh? Our cladding service is one of our most popular services and for great reason. 

Stone cladding for interiors and exteriors not only increases the overall beauty of a home, it increases its property value and provides a range of practical benefits over other commonly used materials.

Looking for a material that won’t go out of style and will keep its elegant appearance throughout changing trends? Stone is both sophisticated and timeless, making it the easy choice for an ever-tasteful look.

With great natural thermal insulation properties and good weather resistance, stone is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

Stone is strong and durable and is both a smart investment for the short and long term with its long-lasting and resilient quality.

As an eco-friendly choice in the construction industry, stone is an excellent choice for reducing your carbon footprint. Stone is renewable, reusable and recyclable and the stone industry produces less pollutants and by-products for a greener environment.

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Exterior stone cladding for garden wall

Stone Cladding Panels


Interior & Exterior Stone Cladding

If you are looking for stone cladding for a commercial project, Paramount can supply your stone at cost-effective prices. We have completed cladding for many commercial premises throughout the UK including hotels, restaurants, pubs, corporate offices and building developments.

We also provide a historic stone restoration service. Preserving the heritage of historical buildings can be a careful process that requires experience and expertise.

Paramount Stone Specialists has played a crucial role in restoring some of the iconic landmarks throughout the UK. Our restoration efforts not only revive historic beauty from the past but also reinforces structural integrity and ensures future protection is secured.

We can cater to both large and smaller projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team for a free consultation. Whether your project is interior, for your garden area or exterior stone cladding, our high quality stone will bring your space back to life in no time. 

Feel free to contact us with your requirements and our team can provide you with a free assessment and consultation.

Bespoke Stone Cladding


Composite & natural Stone cladding

Paramount offers nationwide stone services and all work is bespoke to your personal needs. When you work with us, you are getting much more than a stone company, you are getting a dedicated stone partner that works with you throughout every step to ensure the best result possible for your project. 

Our process starts with establishing a thorough understanding of your needs and aspirations to ensure you are getting the best solution for your residential or commercial project. 

We hope to show you our Paramount difference and why we have so many returning customers throughout our years of service in our communities.

If you are ready for your new composite or natural stone cladding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to chat with our stone specialists and get a free consultation.

Contact Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or by email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk to chat with our stone experts.

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