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Are you looking for a bespoke stone fire pit to warm up those colder nights spent outdoors? Now is the perfect time to give your outdoor area that special ambiance that you can only get from your very own outdoor stone fire pit.

If you are hoping to entertain more, now you can bring it to the outside or garden area. Not only do Stone fire pits give an impressive focal point to your outdoor area, they make a cosy and enjoyable area to enjoy with friends and family.

You may know us from our excellence creating stone fireplaces and worktops. Our years of experience have led us to expand our designs for the outdoors and include stone fire pits, fire pit tables and outdoor fireplaces.

We use our same premium natural and engineered stone materials such as granite, sintered stone and ceramic to create a superior stone fire pit in both its beauty and quality.

Our stone fire pits are deluxe and are made to last. We have a range of modern and classic styles available and can custom-make to our customers unique specifications.

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Benefits of Stone Fire Pits

You may be considering other materials options for your fire pit. Below we have listed some information about stone fire pits to help you make the right choice for your space.

With a winning combination of beauty, durability, easy maintenance and a long life, it’s no wonder so many people choose stone as their first choice.

If you are looking for a fire pit that looks great, there is really no competition to a beautiful new stone fire pit. Stone is beautiful and gives a classy and sophisticated look that other materials like concrete, steel or brick just can’t replicate. Using stone is known to not only uplift the look of a space but can also increase the value of your home.

Stone fire pits made of stone like granite, sintered stone or ceramic are extremely durable and provide a longer life than other commonly used materials such as concrete and brick. As stone is an extremely hard material, it is suited with outside use and can withstand outdoor elements well. With excellent heat and fire resistance, stone firepits will not easily damage, making them a perfect match as a fire pit material.

If longevity is high on your list of requirements, using stone such as granite, sintered stone or ceramic is a perfect solution for a fire pit. These stones have naturally long lives and continue to outlast other commonly used materials over and over again. With this consideration in mind, using stone becomes an excellent financial decision and stops you worrying about the need for replacements.

Stone is easy to maintain. Stone fire pits are low maintenance and with some simple care, can give you a lifetime of warmth and enjoyment.


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Paramount Stone Fire Pits

Are you ready to spend more time outdoors, get some fresh air and make wholesome and memorable moments with your loved ones? A bespoke Paramount stone firepit will have you enjoying your outside space again in no time.

Paramount Stone Specialists have been creating custom-made beautiful stone fire pits for our customers all over the UK for many years.

Our dedication to our craft and our customers has ensured we have remained a trusted business operating for over 25 years. Each project is given our utmost care and dedication to ensure you have a beautiful end result. Our difference is not only in our premium designs and personal service, we also make our prices as affordable as possible so everyone can enjoy a piece of luxury.

Contact Paramount Stone Specialists by email on  info@paramountstone.co.uk or call our phone on 01482 585600 and one of our stone experts will be happy to assist you and provide you with a free quote.