What is better quartz or granite?

A comparison of quartz and granite

A common question we are often asked is: what is better quartz or granite?

In this article we will explore some of the pros and cons of both quartz and granite stone and help you decide which stone to use for your worktop or other stone project. 

Granite and quartz differ with their properties and qualities. Each stone is unique and depending on the project there might be one that is more suitable than the other. 

Both stone materials are popular and commonly used as a worktop material in kitchens, for furniture such as dining tables, as fireplace surrounds and in the bathroom. 


Quartz vs granite appearance

Granite is a 100% naturally occurring stone and has its own unique and characteristic beauty. There is a surprisingly wide selection of colours and styles available in granite. Because it is naturally occurring, every piece will have its own one of a kind and special look. Some homeowners prefer granite stone for its distinct granite veining and appearance that carries a certain distinct sophistication.

Quartz material is an engineered stone that is made of natural crushed quartz mixed with resin. Quartz has a larger range of colour options than granite and the options are seemingly limitless with what is possible. Some homeowners prefer quartz options as there are more solid colour options to the homeowner than that of natural granite.


Quartz vs granite durability

Both quartz and granite are strong materials that easily uphold daily use. They both have great abrasion and scratch resistance. On mohs hardness scale, quartz is harder than granite and is regarded overall as more of a durable stone. Although quartz is harder, granite is still an extremely hard, tough and resistant stone.


Quartz vs granite UV resistance

Granite outperforms quartz in its UV resistance quality. For outdoor kitchen countertops or BBQs, granite is the preferred choice as it will not fade or be affected by sunlight exposure as opposed to quartz which is not suited to outdoor use.


Quartz vs granite cost

Comparing the cost of granite to quartz usually results in granite being the more expensive option. If you are on a budget or looking for a cheaper worktop, quartz would be the better decision to make. Both stones are excellent investments to make and increase the value of a home or commercial space.



So, what is better quartz or granite? Both are attractive, durable and long-lasting stones ideal for kitchens, fireplaces, bathrooms and furniture. With both options having excellent natural qualities, it is more of a personal choice of what stone to choose for the home.

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