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A stone dining table is the ultimate way to add a luxurious feeling to your home.

At Paramount Stone Specialists, stone dining tables are one of our specialities and we have been creating innovative and stunning designs for over 25 years. From household to commercial, we have the experienced team for the project.

Your dining table can be with you for a lifetime and there is no better option than a handcrafted stone dining room table made especially for you by Paramount.

Whether you are considering a large rectangle marble dining table or a smaller oval granite dining table, we can custom-make the shape, stone, colour, thickness and appearance to your preference. We can make rectangle, round, oval, square and even special requested designs.

When shopping around for a new dining table, certain factors need to be considered. Style, practicality and cost are all factors you might consider when choosing what material to use.

Stone is not only an ever in style material, it has many natural qualities and when you work with Paramount, a stone dining table is much more affordable than you might think.


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Advantages of stone dining TABLEs

Stone tables are stylish and bring a luxurious feeling effortlessly to the dining area. There are few materials that can compete with the beauty of stone, which has been adored and used throughout centuries. Stone is one of those rare materials that does not become outdated, so it’s a great option to save you money in the future.

You can match your stone dining table to other stone pieces you have, like your kitchen worktop and splashback, or it also works well on its own as a stunning statement piece.

There are almost endless possibilities of dazzling colours and patterns to choose from. From a brilliant white to a statement black, there is the perfect colour to match your space.

Stone is durable and long-lasting. It makes a smart financial move to invest in a stone dining table because it outlasts so many other materials and can be with you for a whole lifetime.

Stone dining tables have excellent scratch, heat and damage resistance. Dining tables are used daily, so choosing a material like stone that has those tough and durable qualities will give you greater peace of mind. In the dining area, it’s always an asset to have a non-flammable table, this is another reason so many people prefer stone for their homes particularly over materials like wood.


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Advantages of Stone TABLES (Continued)

After sealing, marble and granite are completely non-porous, so you won’t have to worry about stains, harbouring germs or water damage. Some stone is even non-porous without the need for sealing such as sintered stone and quartz. In a food serving environment, it gives great peace of mind knowing your stone dining room table is safe and not holding any germs within the material.

Stone dining tables are easy to clean and take care of. Stone is quick to clean and takes little upkeep. With some easy maintenance for granite and marble, your dining table will uphold its beauty for a long lifetime.

Stone is an environmentally friendly option, stone is manufactured and quarried sustainably. Compared to other industries that produce much more harmful fumes and waste, the stone industry is much more environmentally sound. Natural stone dining tables can also be recycled and reused again and again.

Now is the perfect time to go and treat yourself with a bespoke stone dining table. Paramount Stone Specialists are experts at custom creating beautiful stone tables that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

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