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Premium Stone Worktops

Paramount Stone Specialists are one of the top stone worktop suppliers in the UK. After 25 years of working with stone, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience creating luxurious, innovative and practical stone worktops. Whether you are looking for a natural stone worktop or a natural stone effect worktop, we have you covered with our wide range of stone choices available.

Stone worktops have become more and more popular in recent years for the numerous advantages they have over other worktop alternatives. Stone worktops are praised for their durable quality which makes for an undeniable asset in kitchen, bathroom, laundry, outdoor kitchen and virtually any other space you can imagine. 


Quality Stone Worktops


Benefits of Stone Worktops

Compared to materials such as wood or laminate, stone worktops outlast time and time again. Wood worktops are known for being easily water damaged, stained, scratched and are a fire hazard. There are similar issues for laminate worktops with easy damage, burn susceptibility and they are not easy to repair. On the contrary, damage is relatively easy to prevent with stone surfaces, repairs are easily done and your kitchen stone worktop can last you a lifetime. Considering just these points alone, make stone worktops the smartest financial choice you can make for your kitchen.

Stone countertops are also a preferred choice due to their beauty and elegant feeling they bring to a home. Stone has been used for centuries and carries with it not only a tradition but a rich history of elegance which has never gone out of style. Installing a stone benchtop in your home gives an instant face lift and increases the value of your home. When you compare stone to a material like laminate, there is no comparison with what material looks better. Laminate is actually known for devaluing homes due to its association with being an inferior material and having a cheap look and feel.

A grey themed kitchen with a grey stone worktop

Premium Stone Worktops


Benefits of Stone Worktops (continued)

Another important consideration when you are working in the kitchen and preparing foods for your family is whether your worktop is safe for food preparation.

With wood being porous and so easily damaged by water, it can encourage the growth of bacteria and mould. This risk is similarly present with laminate, the material can lose it’s integrity and then start harbouring germs and bacteria. 

Stone worktops are a much more practical option, in fact some worktops don’t even require sealing and are as safe for direct food preparation like rolling dough directly on the benchtop.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that stone countertops are the preferred option for kitchens. 

Some of our most popular stone worktop options are granite worktops, quartz worktops, ceramic worktops, marble worktops and sintered stone worktops. We also have been specialising in outdoor kitchen worktops for over 25 years.

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