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Quartzite worktops are a fantastic countertop option and a great way to add style, character and one of a kind beauty to your home.

Although the name quartzite is similar to the name quartz, quartzite worktops are in fact very different to quartz worktops.

Quartzite is a 100% natural stone, just like marble or granite. On the contrary to this, quartz is an ‘engineered stone’, made with natural quartz mineral mixed with resins.

A metamorphic rock, quartzite is made up largely from quartz. Under pressure and heat, quartz-abundant rocks such as sandstone are formed into quartzite over time. The result is a natural stone that is an excellent material for a kitchen worktop surface.

Quartzite is known for having veining, swirls and patterns that are often compared to natural marble. Unlike marble which is a softer stone, quartzite is an extremely hard stone and rates a 7-8 on Mohs hardness scale, which is harder than even granite and quartz.

Due to the hardness of quartzite worktops, the stone requires highly skilled stone cutting and craft, which Paramount are proud to have over two decades of experience working with.

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Benefits Of Quartzite Worktops

  • Quartzite is a completely natural stone with unique patterning and veining. With every piece unique, homeowners love the individuality and natural beauty that the stone gives. Quartzite worktops give a wow factor and to add a sophisticated look that will be sure to dazzle your guests and give your kitchen that much desired facelift.
  • With the beautiful and distinctive patterns of quartzite slabs, many compare the appearance to marble but with the added advantage of being a harder stone. Many homeowners prefer using quartzite for their kitchen countertops as a preference over marble.
  • With a hardness rating of 7-8, quartzite worktops are strong, dense, tough and hard wearing. If longevity and durability are important factors for you, quartzite is one of the strongest worktops available. Although it is a durable material, you should always take a best practice approach to protect your quartzite worktop. Refraining from cutting directly on the surface and avoiding placing hot pots and pans on it without protective stands will help keep your surface in its original and beautiful condition.
  • Although the range of colours are not as wide as with other choices like quartz, sintered stone and ceramic, there are still some beautiful quartzite colours and looks to choose from.
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Benefits Of Quartzite Countertops (Continued)

  • To clean and maintain quartzite worktops is simple and easy to do. Regular cleaning will help to ensure your worktops remain pristine and grime does not build up. To clean, some soapy water or a mild cleaning solution can be used with a soft cloth. Yearly sealing will ensure you keep your quartzite stone protected and maintain its beauty.
  • Quartzite is an excellent option for use in outdoor kitchen spaces. Quartzite stone is UV resistant and its colour will not fade or change over time when exposed to the sun. It is recommended to seal your quartzite kitchen worktops yearly or as recommended by your stone specialist, to ensure your countertop remains non-porous and protected from moisture and staining.
  • With quartzite being a rarer material than many other stones, quartzite is highly valued and sought after. With its beauty and desirability factor, it adds value and is a great investment to make for the home.

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Ready to install a new quartzite worktop to your kitchen? Don’t settle for anything less than Paramount’s exceptional quality and dedicated service.

Paramount Stone Specialists have over 25 years of experience cutting, crafting and creating magnificent quartzite worktops for homes all over the UK.

We have sourced some of the most beautiful quartzite colours from quarries around the world, and we are confident that our prices can’t be beaten.

Our service extends to both residential and commercial projects of all sizes, whatever your project is, our professional team is ready to give you the best result.

If you would like to learn more about quartzite worktops or if you are ready for your free quote, contact us at Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk.

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