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Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Worktop

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen worktop for your outdoor bbq, kitchen or entertaining area? We at Paramount Stone Specialists are experts at creating dream outdoor spaces using our range of premium solid stone materials. 

Our outdoor worktops are perfect for creating that fantastic space for cooking, preparing, bbqing, serving, entertaining and also just simply enjoying being in your garden or outdoors with your friends and family.

Our range of designs not only liven your outdoor space but makes it a place you will want to cook in more often, feel proud to entertain in and make memorable moments with your close ones. 

Whether you are updating your current outdoor area or looking for a completely new outside kitchen, our beautiful range of garden worktops and BBQ worktops will give you a new enthusiasm for enjoying summer, spring, autumn and even winter days in the garden.

All our work is bespoke so we can create something that is truly unique and your own. Our team can help with your design concept and work around your individual needs as well as your aesthetic taste.

25 Years Experience


Premium Outdoor Worktops

With over 25 years of expertise, we are known for our cutting edge designs and our reputation for creating beautiful and practical outdoor kitchens.

We have an option to suit everyone’s taste, with modern, classic, unique and timeless designs perfectly suited for outdoor kitchens and garden settings.

Paramount Stone Specialists specialise in solid stone materials, both natural stone and engineered stones. Stone is a phenomenal choice for outdoor benchtops as they are not only stylish but are also a durable and practical option for outdoor worktops.

We have many solid stone options such as sintered stone, quartz, ceramic, granite, limestone, marble and more which are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. The possibilities for the homeowner are virtually endless for a not only beautiful but a truly unique outdoor kitchen area.

Modern outdoor kitchen worktop
A modern white kitchen countertop in a semi-outdoor kitchen

The perfect Outdoor BBQ Worktop and Outdoor Built In BBQ’s

Impressing your guests has never been easier with a new Paramount Stone outdoor bbq worktop or a new outdoor built in bbq. We have the latest designs in a large range of stone options including quartz, granite, marble, limestone, sintered stone and more that are perfect to create that exterior worktop for your BBQ area. Every design is custom-made to suit your space and exact requirements.

Each stone has different characteristics and qualities to consider when choosing the material to use in your outdoor bbq area.

In our free consultation, our expert team will discuss with you your needs and vision so we can give you the best recommendation on how to achieve the look, and functionality for your project. 

When you deal with us, you are dealing directly with the manufacturers so we can give you the best possible prices and expertise. We handle everything, from help with your design, right through to installation from our experienced team of stonemasons. For the perfect outdoor bbq area that will have you entertaining in no time, contact us now for a free quote. 

What Is The Best Countertop To Use For An Outdoor Kitchen?

Whether you are looking for an outdoor workbench, outdoor bar top, a splashback, an outdoor built in bbq, stone fire pit or outdoor furniture such as solid stone dining tables, benches and outdoor coffee tables, the team at Paramount Stone Specialists are ready to transform your outdoor kitchen area into something truly special.

Selecting the right material for your outdoor kitchen is an important decision. There are many factors to consider such as the desired look, cost, functionality, resilience with the elements such as rain, temperature changes and sunlight and its general durability. 

Below we have given the pros and cons of the most popular outdoor worktop materials, to help you make the right choice for your space.

A moden outdoor kitchen setting
A granite island worktop

Granite Outdoor Worktops

Granite stone is an excellent option for outdoor kitchen worktops. Granite is a luxurious natural stone and is not only stunning but a practical choice for outside use.

When granite has been sealed, it is virtually non-porous and cannot be damaged by water spills or rain. For outdoor spaces with direct sunshine, Granite’s high UV resistance makes it an excellent choice. Sunlight can damage and cause discolouration with some other surfaces resulting in costly replacements.

Another benefit with having an outdoor granite kitchen is granite’s high thermal shock resistance. Temperatures can change rapidly which can cause damage to some other surfaces, luckily these temperature changes are not an issue with granite.

Just like in your inside kitchen, you will want an outdoor worktop that is tough and sturdy. Granite is a hard stone and holds up against everyday use and accidental damage. It is not easy to scratch, dent, stain or burn.

These many benefits make granite one of the most popular choices for outdoor kitchen worktops. On top of all of these practical benefits, granite is naturally stunning in appearance and every piece is unique.

Granite truly gives a luxurious feeling to any area and makes a smart outdoor countertop material choice. You can find out more information about granite countertops here.

Ceramic & Porcelain Outdoor Worktops

Ceramics and porcelain are fast becoming some of the most sought-after materials for outdoor worktops. Created under high levels of heat and immense pressure, ceramic and porcelain is incredibly dense, durable and strong, ideal to withstand the typical elements of the outdoors.

The stunning selection of porcelain and ceramic colours and looks are perfect for those looking to impress and create something unique. From modern to classic, the plethora of wide options available offer colours, finishes and patterns to suit any taste, with more and more brands releasing unique and breathtaking designs.

Porcelain and ceramics worktops have excellent resistance to common outdoor elements like rain, moisture, thermal shock and heat. Even chemical attacks and fading don’t phase these materials, with their high level of resistance to acidic and alkaline substances as well as fading from sunlight and kitchen use.

Unlike some other materials, there is no need to seal ceramic or porcelain worktops giving low maintenance solutions with easy care and cleaning. Highly dense, non-porous and hygienic, they make safer materials for countertop use where food preparation takes place. 

Regarded as some of the most practical and beautiful materials for outdoor worktops, you can’t really go wrong with choosing a ceramic or porcelain for your new project. You can find more information about ceramic countertops here. Or read more about porcelain kitchen worktops here.

A grey ceramic outdoor worktop
Sintered stone outdoor worktops with wooden chairs

Sintered Stone Outdoor Worktops

Have you heard about Sintered Stone yet? If you haven’t, then read on because this should be at the top of your list for outdoor worktops.
Sintered Stone is the latest and next level of engineered stones. It possesses many of the qualities of other natural stones plus has additional benefits. Sintered Stone is available in a large selection of colour and design capabilities. It can even closely mimic the look of other natural stones.
It is made from 100% natural material and treated to high heat and pressure. This process makes sintered stone a tough and durable material that is highly suited for outdoor kitchen use.
Additionally, sintered stone is UV resistant, so it doesn’t need to be undercover. It is also frost and temperature change resistant, so you don’t have to worry about those day and night time changes or seasonal temperature changes.
Sintered stone is a non-porous and hygienic material. It does not require sealing and is easy to maintain and clean.
Furthermore, one of most surprising and best things about sintered stones is its price point. It is cheaper than many other stone types, yet it’s beauty and advantages are truly undeniable. You can find out more information about sintered stone countertops here.

Quartz Outdoor Worktops

Quartz is an good choice for outdoor kitchen areas that are under cover and are not in direct sunlight. It is a beautiful engineered stone which is available in virtually every colour or pattern you can dream of.

Quartz is very hard making it extremely durable and able to withstand accidental knocks and bangs with ease. It is not easily scratched, dented, damaged or stained.

It does not require a sealant and is non porous. This is a great quality for being outdoors considering humidity and rain are one of the biggest challenges homeowners face with outdoor kitchens. Its non-porous nature also means it’s hygienic and a safe worktop for food preparation. 

One consideration is that it should not be placed in a space with direct sunlight as this can cause damage over time. If your outdoor worktop is in a place which will be in direct contact with sunshine, you might want to concider using granite, sintered stone or ceramic instead for their high UV resistance qualities. If your quartz worktop is undercover from sunlight, then quartz is still a great option to use.

Overall quartz is durable and has wide design and colour versatility, it makes a smart choice for outdoor worktops that are undercover. You can find out more information about quartz countertops here.

A quartz outdoor worktop kitchen under cover.
Quartzite Outdoor worktops

Quartzite Outdoor Worktops

Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite worktops are a 100% natural stone made from quartzite formed deep within the earth under high heat and pressure. 

Quartzite is often compared to marble, as it is a natural stone with unique and distinct patterns, veining, swirls and elegant colours ranging from whites to impressive blues, greens, pinks, yellows, purples and browns.

Similar to granite, quartzite can be used as an outdoor worktop as long as it has been sealed. Being naturally porous, quartzite requires sealing before it can be exposed to the elements otherwise you risk damaging the material with moisture and bacteria seeping into the surface. Regular sealing is easy to do, not expensive, and it ensures that the quartzite outdoor worktop stays protected from rain and outside moisture.

Quartzite is UV resistant and will not lose colour from sun exposure. Your counter can be placed in direct sunlight without any fear of damage from the sunlight.

In general, natural stone is more expensive than composite stones, so that is one factor you should consider when making your decision. However, if you want a truly breathtaking natural stone countertop, quartzite is definitely one to think about. You can find out more about quartzite countertops here.

Laminate Outdoor Worktops

A lot of homeowners consider laminate as an outdoor kitchen worktop option. As with any material there are pros and cons to consider with laminate. Laminate’s main advantage is it can be a cheaper alternative than some other materials.

Laminate has improved over time and some laminates can similarly replicate other natural materials which has made them more popular in homes.

Even with the savings laminate can offer, the reality of having to replace damaged laminate makes it a poor competitor to stone worktops over the long run. Laminate is not a smart option for outdoor use due to the board underneath being prone to rotting and deterioration. 

Humidity and rain are a big concern for outdoor worktops, and laminate material is not suited to withstand those conditions. Laminate can be durable but is also susceptible to scratching and heat damage.

Laminate unfortunately has a low resale value and is known to decrease the value of your home. Although laminate tries to mimic other materials, it never really comes close and is overall a poor choice for an outdoor kitchen worktop. 

Retro kitchen with laminate worktops
A kitchen with wooden worktops

Wood Outdoor Worktops

Wood is still a popular choice for outdoor kitchen worktops. Those who love the natural look and feeling of wood can prefer it over other materials. Wood brings a calming feeling and blends seamlessly with an outdoor environment. 

Although wood is a beautiful material, it brings with it a list of challenges for the homeowner to consider.

Wood is easily scratched, dented, scorched and chipped. There are many more risks of damage in the outdoor areas such as; kids playing, hail storms, pests, damage from wildlife and pets.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of wood is flammability. Wood is much more flammable than stone and when working with open flames in the kitchen or BBQ, it can increase the risk of a fire and damage.

Rain and humidity are obvious threats to wood worktops and may make your worktop need replacing earlier than you had expected. Due to wood’s porous nature, it requires sealing and oiling otherwise it can stain, hold bacteria and deteriorate. Even bugs, ants and termites can be a threat to a wooden outdoor worktop.

When considering whether wood is the right option for you, you should factor in how much maintenance and upkeep is required and the costly expense of earlier replacing.

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Outdoor Worktops By Paramount

We hope these pros and cons have been helpful in making the right decision for your new outdoor worktops or to replace pre-existing external worktops that are in need of a makeover.

Don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind yet, we know there is a lot to consider. Our team can help you with any further questions you have on choosing the right material for your outdoor kitchen worktops. 

Paramount caters to a range of natural and engineered materials and specialises in high quality fabrication and installation. Another popular service we cater to is our slate worktop manufacture and installation which can be used in various areas outdoors.

We have a showroom open weekdays from 8am to 4pm, so stop by and have a look at the many colours, styles and designs on offer. We can alternatively arrange weekend and evening visits, just call us to do so.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable process and an outdoor area you will be proud of. Contact us by phone on 01482 585600 or by email at for further information.

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