Modern style marble stone console table with gold accents, vase and mirror decor

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When looking for a console table, why settle for anything less than a bespoke Paramount stone console table. 

Paramount Stone Specialists are leaders in stone design and creating one of a kind stone tables for customers all over the UK for over 25 years. 

We custom-make stunning stone console tables in the size, material and specifications required by our customers. Our specialities lie with both natural and engineered stone materials including granite, marble, quartz, sintered stone, ceramic limestone, micro marble and travertine. 

You might be curious, what is a console table and are they used? A console table is a handy and small table that is usually positioned in your hallway, living room or bedroom. Designed to fit in seamlessly with your space, console tables are made to be slim, perfect for standing next to a wall. 

When you arrive back home, a console table is often the first thing you see and the focal point. This is why it’s commonly used to feature artwork, flowers and decorative pieces to add to your home design. 

Perhaps you like to display a framed picture of your partner or your family. Not only are they used for display, they are useful pieces of furniture, think a table to throw keys down, or a mirror for last minute touch-ups before you leave the house. 

Whatever you decide to use your stone console table for, it will soon become a piece of furniture you cannot live without.


Bespoke Stone Console Tables


benefits of stone console tables

Stone console tables add a stylish element to your home design like no other. Stone is a natural material which is luxurious and adds a glamour that never goes out of style. A stone console table can work as one off statement piece, or to match with other furniture like your coffee table. 

If you are looking for furniture that is long-lasting and will go the distance, stone console tables will be your perfect solution. Stone is hard, durable and won’t easily damage. Stone is much stronger and hard wearing than many other furniture types and is not easily scratched or damaged. Wood on the contrary is easy to stain, scratch and dent, whilst glass is easy to break. 

With such a beautiful piece of furniture, you will want it to last a long time. Stone’s reputation as a long-lasting material truly lives up to its name with stone being one of the best investments for longevity.

With safety in mind, another great benefit is that stone has excellent fire resistance qualities. Many homeowners consider this one of the most important considerations when deciding on what materials to put in their homes. 

The design capabilities with stone are truly remarkable. From solid colours to natural veining, there is a perfect stone console table design to suit your home. Stone complements any style, whether you are after a modern gleaming white table or something with more of a classic look, you will find what you are after with stone. 

Stone is quarried and manufactured in a sustainable way and its environmental footprint is far cleaner than many other industries. After use, your stone console table can be repurposed into new products or returned to the earth.

A white console table with a vase with daffodils
A console table with african style decor

Your New Paramount Stone Console Table


Custom Made Stone console Tables

Ready to add that functional and stylish piece to your home? Paramount Stone Specialists would love to work with you on your new project.

With a focus on delivering premium products with exceptional service, our reputation as a trusted pillar in our communities and with our customers is something we are truly proud of.

Our difference also lies in our pricing. We are the people directly crafting your designs, so we are able to maintain affordable prices and give every home something truly special. 

We not only service homeowners, we can also service commercial requests such as hotels, bars, clubs and so on.

For more information about stone console tables, contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email us at to talk more with one of our stone experts.