Industrial style bathroom with stone vanity and two mirrors

High Quality Stone Vanities


Premium Stone Vanity Unit

A stone vanity unit is perfect for adding that impressive and functional piece to finish your bathroom and create a stunning focal point.

Stone vanities are pieces you use daily, so you want something that will both look great and be functional. Stone makes the perfect material for a vanity unit, as it is not only naturally beautiful but gives a classy look to the bathroom that other materials can’t achieve. A vanity made with stone not only possesses beauty, but is practical with natural durable qualities and a long-lasting investment for the homeowner.

We also make beautiful stone basins and bathroom worktops cut to size to perfectly match your stone bathroom vanity. Doing a whole bathroom renovation? We also supply a wide range of bathroom accessories including bath taps, basin taps, shower trays, shower taps, and many more.

We have a range of stunning natural and engineered stones available including granite, marble, sintered stone, quartz, limestone and ceramic.

Stone Vanity Experts


Stone Bathroom Vanity

Stone vanity units instantly add that luxury element to an otherwise ordinary bathroom. Stone is known for its beauty and opulence, it makes an excellent investment as it doesn’t go out of trend.

Because of the durable and strong nature of stone, your stone vanity unit can have a very long life. Using hairdryers, hair straighteners or other electronic goods aren’t an issue, with stones excellent resistance to heat, fire and scorching.

Many stone types are commonly used for stone vanities and for good reason. They make a low fuss and easy to maintain option. With some basic care and cleaning, they can up-keep their beautiful look without repairs or replacements needed.

Stone is available in an array of design possibilities and fabulous colour options. Whether you want a gleaming white stone vanity unit or more of a statement piece, we have a look you will love.

Close up of a white stone vanity and faucet
Dark grey stone vanity with tap and soaps

Bespoke Bathroom Vanities


Paramount Stone Vanities

Paramount Stone Specialists have been creating bespoke stone vanities for over 25 years and in that time have created many leading, innovative and on-trend designs.

We have a style for everyone with classic designs right through to the most modern of designs. Whether you are wanting a freestanding stone top vanity or a wall mounted floating stone vanity, our stonemasons are ready to craft that special piece that will feature in your bathroom for years and years. We can make both Single or double vanity units in a style suited for everyone’s taste.

We can cater to residential and also larger commerical projects such as hotels, resaturants, clubs and more.

If you are ready to add that touch of glamour to your bathroom, Contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email us at and speak to one of our staff about how we can help make your new stone vanity unit design become a reality.