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Micro Marble Fireplaces

A micro marble fireplace is the ultimate piece of luxury to add warmth and relaxation into your home.

Paramount Stone Specialists have earned an outstanding reputation for their innovation and design work with stone fireplaces.

For over 25 years, Paramount has been making households more comfortable and warm with stylish custom-made stone fireplaces, and now you can have your very own piece of luxury all at an affordable price.

Micro marble is a fabulous material, perfect for the modern homeowner looking for a deluxe fireplace look. Micro marble is made from natural marble stone that has been crushed to fine particles and mixed with resin to create a smooth and consistent material. The result is an even material that has advanced strength, durability and stain resistance.

For those who love marble but want to achieve a more consistent colour or a more modern look, micro marble should be high up on your list of materials to consider.

We can create custom-made micro marble hearths, fireplace full suites, fire surrounds, back and panels all to your own unique measurements.




Paramount Micro Marble Fireplaces


Benefits of a Micro Marble Fireplace

Micro marble fireplaces are undeniably beautiful, with a smooth look and bright fresh appearance options, they make a fabulous impression on guests and an ever stylish focal point.

For those who love the deluxe feeling of marble but want a more consistent look with no veining, micro marble gives that design flexibility. Not only do micro marble fireplaces appeal to the modern buyer, but they maintain an elegant look that will not go out of style with changing trends.

Micro marble fireplaces have some advanced features making them preferred above many other materials.

They are made to be strong and sturdy, ideal for a busy fireplace area. They have great scratch, dent and chip resistance with excellent durability, meaning less repairs and less worry for the homeowner.

Micro marble fireplaces have long lives and can outlast many other fireplace materials.

Taking care of micro marble fireplaces is simple and fuss free. If there is ash, dust or dirt, you can use a soft brush and brush it off easily. You can clean the surface with a soft cloth or sponge and some soapy water or mild detergent mixture.



The New York Fireplace in beige colour made in Micro Marble. Showing Hearth, Panel & Fire Surrounds.
The Atlantic fireplace made in micro marble including the fire surrounds, hearth and back panel

Paramount Micro Marble Fireplaces


Benefits of a Micro Marble Fireplace (Continued)

Micro marble material is excellent with heat and is non-combustible, making it a perfect match as a fireplace material.

There is a broad range of colour and design options available for micro marble fireplaces.

Known for its versatility, there is a style and colour to perfectly match with your interior design.

Micro marble is easier to work with than normal marble and many other stones, therefore there are more creative allowances and design possibilities to the buyer.

Whether it’s a solid white or a vibrant colour, micro marble possibilities are seemingly endless.

For those with a strict budget, micro marble gives that luxurious appearance whilst being a more affordable option than regular marble stone and many other alternative materials.

Custom Micro Marble Fireplaces


Bespoke Micro Marble FireplaceS

If you are ready to add more style and a centrepiece that will soon become your favourite spot in the house, let Paramount make the perfect micro marble fireplace for you.

Our team is highly skilled in their craft and our work with fireplaces has given us a glowing reputation with our customers all over the UK.

At Paramount, we handle everything in-house from start to finish, from design consultation right through to installation. We take great joy in giving our high Paramount level of service as well as a stress-free and friendly experience.

We are ready to service residential and also business premises such as hotels, restaurants, pubs and more. For commercial spaces, a micro marble fireplace is a great way to create a more inviting atmosphere for guests and make the space look more stylish.

If you would like to chat with our stone professionals regarding your next project or to get your free quote, please contact Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or alternatively email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk.


White micro marble Apollo Fireplace Suite made which includes fire surrounds, hearth and back panel.surrounds, hearth and back panel.