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A limestone fireplace is the perfect luxury and versatile solution to add warmth, comfort and style to your home. 

Paramount Stone Specialists have over two decades of expertise in crafting bespoke limestone fireplaces for our customers throughout the UK. 

Our limestone fireplaces are custom-made by one of our highly skilled stonemasons in the colour, specifications and look to match your space.

Limestone fireplaces represent sophistication and a timeless style that up-styles any space to be a luxurious yet inviting environment. 

From a modern limestone fireplace to a more classic style, there is a wide variety of options to suit even the most particular of homeowners. 

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that can take over a million years to form. It has been used in some of the oldest architecture and great historical structures in the world like the pyramids in Egypt and the Great Tower of London. Limestone was widely adopted in building and construction due to its many natural qualities, beauty and its versatility. 

Limestone is commonly used as a fireplace material and is one of our most popular fireplace options for its many benefits to the homeowner. 

Paramount Limestone Fireplaces


Benefits of a Limestone Fireplace

Limestone fireplaces are a true treasure to the homeowner, a timeless addition to make a house feel like a home.

Limestone fireplaces have a beautiful aesthetic and give a luxury feeling to any space. Adding one to your home makes a stylish centrepiece and will actually increase the home’s sale value. 

There is a wide variety of natural limestone colours available, from a dark to a white, you can find the ideal colour to suit your space. 

Limestone is a softer stone material and is therefore more workable. This means there is more space for customisation and appearance options than many other materials. 

Even though limestone is a softer stone, it is still a solid, durable and hard wearing material that can withstand common accidental knocks and daily use.

Limestone fireplaces can have very long lives and maintain their charming appearances year after year.

On Moh’s scale of hardness, limestone has the same hardness rating as marble stone which is another commonly used fireplace material and harder than other common materials like brick. 


Modern fireplace with Limestone panels
A white limestone hearth

Paramount Limestone Fireplaces


Benefits of a Limestone Fireplace (Continued)

Limestone is sustainably sourced, and its manufacturing footprint is significantly less than other popular fireplace materials such as steel. As limestone has such a long life, it also means fewer replacements and repairs.

At the end of its use, the limestone can be re-purposed and made into other products or returned back to the earth.

Limestone fireplaces are easy to clean and maintain. You won’t be stressed about a complicated maintenance routine. For any marks from soot or dust, you can clean the stone with a simple mild detergent and water mixture.

Limestone fireplaces are a timeless feature so you need not worry about whether your fireplace will still look good in the future. It is an ever stylish and elegant feature that retains a classy look through current and ever changing trends.

Even with all these great benefits it’s hard to believe that limestone fireplaces are more affordable than many other types of fireplaces.

Custom Limestone Fireplaces



If you are ready to add that special piece of comfort, warmth and homeliness to your space, the Paramount team are ready to create your new bespoke limestone fireplace.

We can craft limestone hearths, fireplace full suites, limestone fire surrounds, mantels and limestone panels.

Paramount Stone Specialists are known throughout the UK for innovative work with fireplaces. We have always made our pricing affordable so that every home can have that piece of luxury for you and your family to enjoy for many years.

With over two decades of perfecting our craft, you can see the difference with our refined designs, materials and craftsmanship. But it doesn’t stop there, we are also known for our dedication to proving the best possible service to each and every one of our customers. 

We wholeheartedly thank our customers for trusting our work and allowing our craft to be featured in their homes.

To learn more about limestone fireplaces or to receive your quote, contact Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or by email us at

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