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Custom Slate Fireplaces


High Quality SLATE Fire Surrounds

Slate fire surrounds and hearths are perfect for creating a comforting and elegant feeling to a home.

Paramount Stone Specialists have been adding warmth and style to homes throughout the UK for over 25 years. Paramount specialises in creating bespoke slate fireplaces to our customers desired size and specifications.

Our fireplaces are made using our premium range of slate stone, cut and hand finished with care, all to our renowned Paramount high standards. Whether it’s a stylish centrepiece you are looking for, a nostalgic feel or simply to warm those frosty nights, a fireplace will make a fantastic addition to your home.

A slate fireplace surround is a popular choice in today’s homes. Slate is not only aesthetically attractive, it has excellent natural qualities that make it a superior material for a fireplace.

Slate is a metamorphic rock, a natural stone which is formed in the earth from quartz, sericite and other minerals under pressure and heat. Chosen for its advanced properties and its mesmeric natural appearance, slate was used in Ancient Egyptian architecture and has remained a popular choice today, used commonly for fireplaces, roofing, cladding and flooring.

From residential to commercial spaces, there’s nothing like a charming slate fireplace to make your family and guests feel more comfortable and inspire cherished memories.




Bespoke Slate Fireplaces


Benefits of a SLATE Fireplace

Homeowners looking to create a natural and tasteful looking fireplace, need not look any further than a slate fireplace.

Unlike some other materials that give a harsh and cold look, slate has a natural and soft quality, making it an easy choice that will fit into most spaces seamlessly. 

Slate is admired for its beautiful matte appearance which can work in many design concepts including Victorian, modern, industrial, traditional, rustic and more. Slate can be crafted to have a smooth appearance or a textured look to suit the style you are aiming for.

Typically known for its alluring dark grey or black appearance, there are actually a surprising amount of shades and colours of slate to choose from, all formed naturally in the earth.

As a fire-resistant and thermally stable material, slate is a safe material to use in the home and perfectly suited for fireplace use.

Modern room with textured slate fireplace design
A black slate fireplace wall

Paramount Slate Fireplace Surrounds


Benefits of SLATE Fireplaces (Continued)

Another great quality that slate fireplaces have is that they are low maintenance, easy to take care of and are highly durable.

It’s easy and uncomplicated to clean a slate hearth or suite. Sealing the slate will ensure the slate is protected and safe from moisture and staining. To clean the slate, a soft bristled brush to dust off the ash will suffice. For any marks, a soft cloth with water and mild cleaner can be used.

If you are looking for a more affordable stone for your fireplace than marble and granite, slate is a great choice. Slate is comparatively cheaper in price than marble, micro marble and granite fireplaces, yet still holds the beauty of a natural stone.

Choosing slate saves the homeowner even more money in the long run with fewer risks for repairs or replacements than with many other fireplace materials. Slate stone typically has a very long life, it can even last for centuries.


Custom Slate Hearths


Slate FIre surround, Hearths, Panels, walls and mantels

If you are ready to add more charm and delight to your nights in, let Paramount Stone Specialists create your brand new custom-made slate fireplace surround.

With over two decades crafting fine fireplaces, we are well known for our innovation and superior design with fireplaces.

At Paramount, our products are our passion and our customers are our highest priority. As manufacturers, we are able to give affordable prices directly to our customers, and we are confident our prices will not be beaten.

We are able to craft slate hearths, slate fire surrounds, fireplace full suites, fireplace walls, slate mantels and slate panels.

Our team looks forward to sharing our expertise and working with you to bring your new fireplace design to life.

If you would like more information about slate fireplaces, the quickest way to reach us is to contact us on 01482 585600 otherwise you can alternatively email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk.

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