What Is The Best Countertop For A Commercial Kitchen?

A commerical kitchen countertop

Best Countertops for Commercial Kitchens

Choosing a countertop for a commercial kitchen can be challenging due to the amount of choices available, but also, many people are not familiar with the differences between the different options. So, what is the best countertop for avcommercial kitchen?


  • Quartz (Best overall) 
  • Granite (Best for durability)
  • Marble (Most elegant)
  • Sintered Stone (Best for modern kitchens)
  • Laminate (Cheapest option)


We have over 25 years of experience manufacturing stone countertops for customers across the UK and we understand that a countertop, especially for a commercial kitchen is an investment. Therefore, we want to discuss everything you need to know and help you with your choice. Let’s get into it.


What Countertops Do Chefs Prefer?

So, you are opening or renovating a commercial kitchen and you want to know what your chefs and bakers will prefer, well, it is important to speak to your chef to get a feel for what they like and what they dislike.

With that said, most chefs simply want a countertop that is durable enough so that they can focus on what they do best without worrying about breaking their work surface. Additionally, being easy to clean goes a long way.

So, while granite is the most popular choice amongst chefs, any of the stone countertops mentioned in this article will make a chef’s life easier.


Choosing a Countertop for a Commercial Kitchen: What to Consider

Right, before we jump into the best options, let’s discuss a few things that you should consider when investing in a new countertop for your commercial kitchen:


  • Durability: Many factors contribute to how durable a countertop is, the most common are heat resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance. We have a few options available that tick all of those boxes.  
  • Longevity: Granite can last up to 100 years with proper care and maintenance. Quartz on the other hand should last over 20 years. However, all of this does depend on how you treat the countertop and how frequently you maintain it.
  • Aesthetics: If nobody but you and the staff see the countertop daily, aesthetics are not that important. However, if you know that your customers will see it, then going for custom-made quartz countertops might be your best bet. 
  • Experience of those using it: This is an often overlooked factor. Inexperienced chefs might not treat the countertop as well as an experienced one. For example, you might have sharp utensils sliding across the work surface, hot pots being slammed down, and boiling liquid spilling on the countertop. So, try to assess your staff, or have a meeting highlighting the do’s and don’ts.


One of the most essential tips to remember is that your countertop will be used heavily, and this is your most important consideration. While one countertop might seem like the best option because of its durability and longevity, perhaps something with a shorter lifespan is better due to its ease of maintainability. 

There is so much more that we can cover, maybe the first step you should take is to schedule an appointment with us and a friendly and well-informed consultant will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns.


5 of the Best Countertops For Commercial Kitchens

All of the options on this list are perfect for commercial kitchens. They each offer something unique. So, let’s discuss each one more in-depth.



Quartz worktops are perfect for most commercial kitchens. The countertop strikes a good balance between quality and price. We can talk about heat resistance, aesthetics, or even their uniform thickness, but they are perfect for several other reasons.

A quartz worktop is manufactured using stone, resins, and colourants, meaning they can be customised to suit your establishment. They are also non-porous which is great for hygiene as bacteria do not seep into the material. Finally, quartz worktops are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Our quartz worktops are manufactured to last long, and they are resistant to scratches and impact.



Another popular commercial kitchen worktop is granite. They are the go-to for anyone looking for a natural worktop. Now, granite is naturally porous, but our worktops are finished and sealed meaning they are easy to clean and are hygienic. 

Many upmarket restaurants use granite worktops as they tend to be the favourite choice for many chefs. 

Finding a granite worktop that suits your aesthetic is not as easy as it is with say, quartz, but our staff can help you find one.

It is important to remember that granite is not the most cost-efficient option, and while the worktop does have a long lifespan, it does require regular care and maintenance. 



The main difference between quartzite worktops and quartz is that quartz worktops are manufactured from a combination of natural quartz crystals, resins, and colourants, offering consistency in colour and pattern. 

Quartzite, on the other hand, is a natural stone, formed from sandstone subjected to high heat and pressure, resulting in a unique appearance with varying patterns and colours. 

Despite the names, quartzite is more comparable to granite than it is to quartz. It is in a similar price range and has similar qualities such as its hard nature. Many choose quartzite for its unique patterns and naturally stunning appearance.



Marble countertops are typically the most sought-after worktops on the market for its luxurious appeal and beautiful aesthetics. However, they are not as popular for commercial applications because while they are of high quality, they are not as resistant to scratches, dents and other damage. 

Marble is strong, however it is softer than granite, quartzite, sintered stone and quartz, making it easier to damage in a fast paced commercial setting. Marble is also the pricer option, so this factor is one to consider.

When marble and granite are the two options, granite will often be the best choice except when aesthetics are a driving factor. Marble is elegant, and can often give off an upmarket vibe.

With that said, if you are looking for a marble worktop, we are more than happy to assist you and walk you through whether it is the right choice for your commercial kitchen.


Sintered Stone

Sintered stone’s tough composition makes it resistant to scratches, impacts, and high temperatures. This all makes them perfect for the constant hustle in busy kitchens. 

The non-porous surface prevents stains and keeps hygiene a top priority, without any need to seal. Beyond durability, sintered stone can be made using a range of designs to fit different kitchen styles. Easy to clean and with a long lifespan, it’s a practical choice for maintaining a clean and efficient workspace. Sintered stone proves itself as a reliable, low-maintenance, and stylish option.

One area where sintered stone countertops are best used is for dessert and baking sections.

Paramount Stone manufactures some of the best sintered stone worktops in the country, and they would be great additions to any commercial kitchen.


Is Laminate Good for Commercial Kitchens?

Laminate is not a bad option for commercial kitchens, but there are better options available. The only time when laminate should be considered before quartz or granite is when your budget is the main deciding factor.

The material is not as resistant to stains, scratches, impacts, and heat as other options, making maintenance challenging. So, while it is the more cost-efficient worktop for the short term, as an investment, it is not as good as the other options.



As long as you know what your requirements are, choosing the right countertop for your commercial kitchen should be a breeze. Quartz worktops do tend to be the most popular for a variety of reasons but their excellent balance across many factors is what makes them shine.

As mentioned, our consultants are always happy to help, and with a bit of info from your side, they can assist you in choosing the best countertop for you. Book an appointment now!

Paramount provides speedy, easy and free consultations, call us on 01482 585600 or email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk.



What Size Are Commercial Kitchen Countertops?

The standard height for commercial kitchen countertops is often around 36 inches (91 cm). That said, the length and width vary depending on the specific needs of the kitchen.

In most cases, measurements should be done first so that your countertop can be made according to that.

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