Kitchen Worktop Height

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Height Of Kitchen Worktops

Every person, kitchen and home is unique and the ideal kitchen worktop height can vary depending on the individual’s needs. In this article we will explain how high kitchen worktops should be and what the average kitchen worktops height in the UK is, so you can make the right decision for your next kitchen renovation.


Standard worktop height UK

The standard kitchen worktop height in the UK is 900mm.

The finished height of a worktop can be determined by the cabinet’s height and by the desired worktops thickness. 

There are 3 components that make up the height of a kitchen worktop. The first is at the bottom of the cabinet and closest to the floor, it is what is called a plinth which is sometimes called a kick board. The plinth is what holds up the cabinet which sits on top of it. The standard UK height of the plinth is 150mm.

The second is the cabinet that sits on top of the plinth which is normally around 720mm / 730mm.

The plinth together with the base cabinet makes up what is referred to as the total cabinet which is typically around 870mm.

And the final component are the worktops that sit on top of the cabinet which can range from 20mm (for those who like a sleeker worktop), 30mm (an average worktop thickness) and up to 40mm (for those preferring a thicker worktop).

If you haven’t already had your cabinets made and want to find the most ergonomic height for yourself, the most popular way is to have your worktops height made so that it is level with your wrist. This will ensure you have the most ergonomic worktop height, preventing slouching or straining while you prepare and cook your meals. 


Worktop height for tall, short and accessibility

Whether you are tall, short or in a wheelchair requiring accessibility, using the wrist bone measuring method will help you determine the best kitchen worktop height for you. For those in a wheelchair, the average height of worktops are around 800mm with around 76mm for knee space.


Breakfast bars and Island benchtop heights

If your renovation includes an island bench or a breakfast bar, the height will impact the seating requirements and how tall they will be and this is something you should consider with the style of seating you like and how high off the ground you want to be. For average worktop heights of 900mm or anywhere between 890mm and 940mm, your seating heights  should be between 580mm and 720mm.

Have a high worktop? For worktops that are tall and from 1,040 to 1,100mm, your chair height will work well around 840mm and 930mm.



Whatever your kitchen layout, preferences and individual height and needs are, there is the ideal kitchen worktop height to give you the most comfortable cooking and preparation surface possible.

Don’t worry if you haven’t worked out what height you need yet, we at Paramount Stone Specialists provide at home measures, so we can measure up the perfect height, width and size for your individual needs. Our work is completely bespoke, which means we create your worktops cut to size to best suit your unique requirements.

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