What Are Upstands?

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Kitchen Upstands

About to start your new kitchen renovation and wondering if you should include upstands with your new worktops? In this article we will discuss upstands, the benefits of using them and the difference between upstands and splashbacks.


What are upstands in a kitchen?

Upstands are simply vertical additions which go a short way up the wall next to a flat kitchen worktop. These short extensions provide a vertical barrier and protection to the wall behind it from typical kitchen spills and mishaps. Upstands are usually made in the same colour and material as your worktop and create a seamless flow from your worktop to the wall.


Are upstands a good idea?

Upstands are extremely practical and handy in the kitchen. Kitchens are busy areas and containing spills and splashes is no easy feat. This is the time to shine for the ingenious upstand. Upstands are just high enough to capture most of the common kitchen messes like splashes from boiling pots or accidental spills. After installing upstands, you won’t need to worry about liquids and spills running down the worktop and seeping into the crack between the surface and the wall. Upstands create that handy barrier, so messes are contained and cleaning is easy (and who doesn’t love that?). 

Upstands are also perfect for kitchens that prevent the use of a splashback such as walls with kitchen decor or those with windows.

But functionality is not the only reason that people love upstands, providing a seamless look, upstands add the finishing touch to kitchen worktops and give a sophisticated and minimalistic charm to the kitchen area.

Upstands are small but mighty, and with it comes mighty savings for your pocket. Compared to installing a splashback, which uses a much larger piece of material, upstands need only a small amount of material, saving on renovation budget.


What size are upstands?

Most upstands are around 60-150mm high and around 20mm thick. Upstands don’t need to match the thickness of your worktops, for example if you have 30mm thick worktops, you can still have 20mm upstands and they will match seamlessly.

You only need a small amount of material to create your upstand and the size and thickness depends on your project’s unique needs. 


What is the difference between a splashback and an upstand?

The difference between splashbacks and upstands is that splashbacks are much higher than that of upstands. Splashbacks are really handy around stove tops and sinks where splashing can reach higher on the walls and create stains. Some renovators like to combine both upstands and splashbacks in their kitchen design.

Splashbacks use a greater amount of material and are more expensive than upstands which are smaller in size. Both splashbacks and upstands protect the wall behind worktops and help to contain kitchen splashes, spills and staining to the wall. 

Design wise, both splashbacks and upstands are aesthetically pleasing and both can suit contemporary and classic kitchen designs easily. It is really a personal preference to the renovator which option they prefer for their individual space and what will match with each kitchen’s unique look.


Paramount upstands & splashbacks

Are you ready to add upstands to your kitchen worktops and give your kitchen more protection from spills and stains whilst adding a sophisticated feature?

Paramount Stone Specialists are leaders in natural and engineered stone products including quartz, granite, ceramics, marble, sintered stone and many more.

We specialise in creating bespoke kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks for residential and commercial premises throughout the United Kingdom. With our over two decades of experience, you can trust in us to create something truly beautiful for your home at a competitive price.

Still haven’t decided or want to know more about upstands? We offer free consultations, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at a time convenient for you and our experienced staff will guide you to achieve the best result possible for your unique space.

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