Hull Renovation Trends

Hull is a vibrant city with evolving home renovation trends. In this article, we will explore the current top home renovation trends in Hull and how you can utilise them in your home today.

Constructing Mini At-Home Bars

Hull’s residents are loving the popular mini at-home bar trend that has seen new popularity this year. There are no rules with the style and design of the bar, let your creativity be the limit. Home bars can be installed DIY or with a professional company that specialises in designing and installing them.

You can choose to add your own small bar to any indoor area that has enough room or as a fun outdoor feature that will make entertaining more enjoyable. Your bar doesn’t have to be big, just big enough to hold all the necessities. Then you can style it in the way you like such as modern, vintage, tiki or a natural aesthetic.

Adding A Japanese Inspired Onsen Bath

If you are looking for a way to instantly add more luxury to your home, you can try adding a Japanese inspired onsen bath. Residents in Hull have taken to the popular trend of creating spa-like bathroom experiences in their own homes. 

The great thing about the onsen is that it can be installed practically anywhere in your home, whether it is indoors or outside. The wooden look of the onsen creates the tranquil environment that you want in your bathroom and the lightweight property makes it easy to move should you change your mind about where you want to install it. 

Manufacturers making these Japanese style baths seem to be popping up everywhere at reasonable prices, so there is no reason to delay adding a little more luxury to your home.

Buying Local Hull Products

A trend that has continued to increase in popularity is to shop local and support locally based products, shops and services. 

You might be suprised at what your local town has to offer when you start looking. In Kingston Upon Hull, there are so many ways to support local business, whether it’s filling your home with art from local home-grown talents or a local Hull quartz worktop for your kitchen.

Visiting your local market is another way to find one of a kind decor and crafts for your home. Try visiting Trinity Market where you can find bespoke items and ethical items for the home.

Creating An Outdoor Kitchen Or Living Area

A growing trend emerging in Hull is the addition of outdoor kitchens and blurring the lines between indoor kitchens to the outdoors.

Adding an outdoor kitchen or living area encourages family members to spend more time outdoors and into the fresh air. Outdoor kitchens are perfect to spend quality time with loved ones in a natural space without having to leave your house.

Installing an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be as big or small as you desire. Outdoor kitchens give you the chance to get creative with greenery, flowers and herbs at hands reach while you show off your culinary skills.

Many homeowners are choosing to DIY some parts of their kitchens like adding the finishing touch with a hand made pergola or upcycled seating. For countertops, it’s best to go with a sturdy material that is suited for outside use such as a granite worktop or sintered stone countertops made by manufacturers like Dekton. 

Using Earthy Tones And Natural Materials

In a city surrounded by sea and greenery, the use of natural materials and earthy colours is a trend that appeals to Hull’s residents. Mixing and matching is on-trend and lets you be playful with how to decorate or renovate. 

Try mixing wooden cabinets with marble worktops and a pop of green with indoor plants. Using warm, earthy tones for paint walls are popular and match well with wooden furniture, ceramic tiles and stone worktops. Using natural materials creates a sense of harmony in your home and is an aesthetic that doesn’t go out of style.

Adding Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have taken the Hull community as well as the entire UK by storm. It’s much easier to install a floating shelf anywhere in your home rather than adding bulky cabinets and large pieces of furniture.

Floating shelves give residents the flexibility to quickly add stylish and modern looking shelves in any room of their homes, where you can showcase photo frames, pot plants, art, home decor and more. If you are going for a natural aesthetic, try installing wooden floating shelves at varying heights. Adding small plant pots along floating shelves can add visual interest and calm to your space in a cost-effective way.

Opting For Modern Retro

Renovating your home doesn’t mean you need to lose the individuality of your space. In Hull, many residents are choosing to modernise their kitchens with a fresh paint job and new appliances while maintaining the integrity of the original style.

Installing sleek worktops, retro aesthetic appliances with modern functionalities and coloured cabinets with shiny metal fixtures, gives a classic kitchen an on-trend retro look without looking dated.

Top Home Renovation Trends For Hull Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed our ‘Top home renovation trends in Hull’ article and now feel inspired to start renovating and implement some of these ideas in your own home.

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