Liverpool Bathroom Trends

Are you getting tired of the same old looking bathroom and in need of some fresh ideas and the latest in bathroom styles? We have curated the top bathroom ideas that are trending for Liverpool residents, with all budgets in mind, so you really have no excuse not to start your bathroom remodel today!

The bathroom area is often an overlooked, yet highly important space of your home. There is a growing trend in Liverpool of residents taking the time to improve their bathroom, make it more tranquil, modern and functional.

Mixing Natural Materials

Many Liverpool residents have started incorporating a mix of different natural materials into their bathrooms, giving a unique and modern look to the space.

Using natural materials like that of dark natural stones with light coloured natural wood accents, adds a contemporary touch whilst maintaining a calming aesthetic to the bathroom.

Try adding a marble basin in a medium to dark shade or a stone bath and pair it with light coloured teak wooden cabinets to create the perfect bathroom interior.

Double Mirrors

A growing trend across Liverpool’s renovators is swapping out their single large mirrors to two matching mirrors. If you have a bathroom with double sinks, now is the time to replace your single mirrors with two mirrors. 

New mirrors are a relatively affordable and easy way to give the bathroom a fresh makeover and with the range of contemporary mirrors available now, there is no shortage of designs to choose from. Whether you choose two round shapes, rectangle or oval, your family and guests will love your updated bathroom look!

Copper Bathtubs

If you are getting tired of the dated looking built-in-bathtub you have had for years and years, it’s time to look at a freestanding design. Liverpool’s residents are turning to freestanding bathtubs which are much more desirable to use.

Try adding a copper bathtub to your bathroom and using green plants around it for styling and watch the colour of the copper bath pop!

Stone Feature Walls

A hot trend happening in Liverpool is using feature walls to create dramatic eye-catching features and make a bold and luxurious statement. To achieve this, you can install a stone feature wall in your shower or next to your bathtub to create a stunning bathroom interior. 

Whether your budget is high and you can opt for using marble or granite materials, or you need a more affordable option like a quartz or ceramic tile, there is an option for all budgets to achieve this growing trend.

Both dark colours and light colours equally work for this trend, we love using design that has veining such as natural marble or many of the quartz colours to achieve the ultra deluxe look.

Soft Neutrals

Want to create a more inviting bathroom space? Liverpool’s residents are opting for soft neutrals to create homely, calming and relaxing bathroom vibes. Soft neutrals can work well with both classic and contemporary designs and don’t have the risk of going out of style with changing home trends.

A fresh lick of paint, new cream coloured quartz vanity unit and replacement of fixtures can have your bathroom looking as good as gold again. Try ordering from your local quartz worktops liverpool specialists to support your local community.

Liverpool Bathroom Trends Conclusion

We hope this Top Bathroom ideas for Liverpool articles has given you some ideas to finally start renovating your bathroom. Whatever your budget, there are ways to transform your space and create a place you will be proud to show off.

Whether it’s a luxurious feature wall or simply adding new mirrors, you can start planning your new bathroom design and get the look you have always wanted today!

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