A long, rectangle sintered stone dining table with veining and inibuilt hob.

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Premium Sintered Stone DINING TABLES

A sintered stone dining table makes a fabulous way to add more luxury and practicality to your dining room.

Sintered stone has become one of the most requested and popular stone types because of its advanced strength, durability, stain resistance, weather resistance and of course its beauty.

With brands like Dekton, Lapitec and Neolith, there is no shortage of stunning colours, textures and designs to perfectly compliment both interior and exterior dining areas.

At Paramount Stone Specialists, we specialise in crafting custom-made sintered stone dining tables for customers throughout the UK in the required measurements and specifications for each individual customer.

Paramount Stone Specialists are known for their excellence in craftsmanship, creating showstopping stone furniture pieces, kitchen worktops and bespoke fireplaces for our customers for over 25 years. 

We handle everything, from help with your design, colour and material selection, to in-house fabrication in our stone factory and safe delivery direct to your door. 

Our bespoke sintered stone dining table range is offered direct to the public at the best prices in the UK! We service nationwide to any area in the UK with delivery and pick up options available.

Paramount Quality Sintered Stone Tables


Advantages of Sintered STone Dining TABLEs

If you are after a stunning stone dining table that is also strong, easy to maintain and is able to withstand the challenges of a busy everyday life, sintered stone makes an excellent choice.

With colours ranging from solids to marble-like veining, there are looks to suit a wide variety of tastes and interiors. If you live in an apartment or have a flight of stairs, sintered stone dining tables are known for their sleek and lightweight designs, making them a more practical and travel-friendly option than many other solid materials.

Sintered stone dining tables are made from 100% natural materials without any added resin. The material is safe for food preparation and dining and will not leak out any chemicals nor absorb any thanks to its dense, non-porous material. With an almost impenetrable surface, sintered stone won’t absorb germs, moisture or be damaged easily by household chemicals.

Another great quality of sintered dining tables is their low maintenance and ease to keep them clean. They do not require any sealing at all and a simple wipe over with water and mild soap keeps them clean from dust and grime build up.

A white sintered dining table with high chairs and nordic style vase decor
A close up of a thick sintered stone dining table in white colour with grey veining, with hanging lights, and kitchen decor styling

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Advantages of Sintered Stone TABLEs (Continued)

Sintered stone dining tables are an excellent choice for outdoor dining areas. With UV resistance, heat resistance and frost resistance, the outdoor elements that can sometimes damage other materials won’t impact sintered stone. You can rest easily using them in your outdoor kitchen because sintered stone won’t fade, damage or lose integrity from direct sunlight or rain exposure.

One of the most important benefits of sintered stone is that it has a high heat resistance rating and unlike quartz, you won’t fear damage from placing hot pans or trays down directly on to the surface. 

Both durable and resistant to damage like scratches and chipping, sintered stone dining tables make a great companion for the long run. As the material has such high longevity, sintered dining tables make a smart financial investment, with less chance of needing repairs or replacements like many other materials.

Another great benefit of choosing sintered stone is that the material is eco-friendly and has been made from all natural materials. After use, sintered stone can be recycled or returned to the earth.

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Custom Sintered Stone Dining TABLE

Are you ready to add that wow-factor to your dining room and impress your guests with a beautiful new sintered stone dining table?

The team at Paramount are passionate about creating something special for your home with the highest quality and stone craftsmanship dedicated to your project. We use the latest stone technology and our factory is equipped with the most advanced machinery so you will always have the highest standards and results when you work with us.

Paramount caters to both residential customers and those from the business or commercial sectors interested in enhancing their current spaces. We have created custom dining tables for restaurants, boardrooms, clubs, offices and hotels all over the UK.

Here at Paramount Stone Specialists, we work with a range of stones, so whether it’s a sintered stone, quartz, ceramic, granite or a marble dining table, we have you covered.

Our showroom is open to the public from Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm and on Saturdays and evenings by appointment. We invite you to come visit us and view colours, samples and designs in person along with viewing our factory and meeting the Paramount team. 

Have more questions about sintered stone dining tables? We offer free consultations and will always give you our unbiased advice on your project. Contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk.

A luxury sintered stone dining table top with gold metal legs, styled with table settings, chairs and vase decor.