Quartz Worktop 20mm or 30mm?

A quartz worktop with 20mm thickness

Quartz Worktop Thickness

Are you wondering what thickness your quartz worktop should be? While both 20mm and 30mm quartz worktops options are great, there are several factors to consider before you decide what option to take.

In this article, we provide you with helpful information that will make you better equipped to decide what thickness to choose for your worktop.

The thickness that you choose for your quartz kitchen worktop changes not only the look of your kitchen, it influences the cost, practicality and durability of the worktop.

Ultimately, you should consider what look you want to achieve and if it will fit in with your decor, your budget, your practical everyday needs and how important durability and longevity is to you.


Both 30mm and 20mm worktops are popular choices for quartz worktops thicknesses. There are a few things you might like to consider when making your decision.


Design and Look

A 20mm worktop and a 30mm worktop will have a subtle but nonetheless noticeable difference in appearance.

A 30mm worktop gives a luxurious impression and has a deluxe and sturdy look to it. 20mm worktops on the other hand give a sleeker and more minimalistic feeling to a space.

Both sizes look great and the decision really depends upon the individual and choosing a look that will fit in with your room design and personal preference.



Quartz worktops are well known for their exceptional durability. Both 30mm and 20mm quartz worktops are durable and can hold up to normal kitchen activities.

The 30mm quartz comparatively is more durable than its thinner counterpart and has more strength and can take more impact. This is not to say that 20mm is not up to the challenge of a busy kitchen, as a 20mm worktop is still highly durable and can easily hold up against daily use.


Use and Support

When you have a new installation, you want to consider whether the thickness is suitable for the intended use. Traditionally, 20mm quartz worktops were used mostly for kitchen island benches, splashbacks and upstands, however they have become more and more popular today as a worktop choice.

If 20mm quartz is used for a worktop, it does require more support for overhang than that of 30mm quartz. For a breakfast bar the 30mm option gives 300mm of overhang that is unsupported rather than only 250mm for the 20mm option. Both are perfectly fine for the person sitting and dining, yet a 30mm quartz will allow that additional space.


Sinks and hobs

Another consideration that the homeowner must consider is what intended sinks and hobs will be used with the worktop. A 30mm quartz countertop will provide greater support for sinks and hobs as compared to its 20mm counterpart, so heavier fixtures can be supported more easily.

We, at Paramount Stone Specialists, are always happy to help advise you on what thickness you should use and whether the worktop will work with your kitchen fixtures.



Another consideration you might need to make is the weight of the worktop and what access is available where you live. If you are planning to install your new kitchen in a multistory building or apartment, you might want to consider choosing a lighter countertop such as the 20mm.



The price of a worktop will always be a factor to consider when choosing the best option for your personal needs. The thinner 20mm quartz will be a little more affordable than the 30mm quartz. With the 30mm quartz comparatively not too different in price, you should always consider the other factors like durability and the look, when deciding what option will be best suited for you.


Quartz Worktop 20mm or 30mm Summary

Both 20mm and 30mm quartz worktops make truly great worktop options.

Still undecided? We are here to help make your decision trouble-free and easy.

Contact Paramount Stone Specialists, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to go through your individual requirements and our experienced team can help suggest what thickness would be best suited for your space.

We can also send through some sample photos of worktop thicknesses and designs, or alternatively you can come and visit our showroom where you can see our worktop samples in person. We provide free quotes, and we can come and measure up your space for free.

Paramount Stone Specialists are experts in stone and have been providing trusted service in the community for over 25 years. Our difference starts with our exceptional service and designs, but it doesn’t stop there. We are proud to provide our customers affordable prices that we are confident can’t be beaten.


What about other worktop material thicknesses?

Want to know about other worktop thicknesses? These are the most common sizes below:

  • Granite worktops thickness can range from 20mm to 30mm.
  • Marble worktops thickness can range from 20mm to 30mm
  • Sintered stone worktops thickness can range from 20mm to 30mm
  • Ceramic worktops thickness can range from 12mm to 40mm depending on what size would best suit the project.
  • Wood worktops thickness can range from 20mm to 50mm with 30mm being the typical choice for most homeowners.


At Paramount Stone Specialists, we also specialise in granite worktops, sintered stone worktops, ceramic worktops and quartzite worktops. Looking for more information about these services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ready for your brand new Paramount Stone Specialists quartz worktop? Find out more information about why they are an excellent choice for your kitchen by calling us on 01482 585600.


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