A modern style bathroom with a marble vanity

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Premium Marble Vanities

If you are looking for a way to make your bathroom more luxurious, adding a marble vanity is a fantastic solution.

Have you ever wondered why marble is used in so many hotels, spas and high-end restaurants? Marble stone has been used for centuries and is a timeless natural material that never goes out of style.

Adding marble can instantly transform a space and bring a sophisticated and luxury look and feel. Marble is a popular stone material to use in the bathroom not only because of its beauty, but it is actually very durable and withstands daily use easily.

Paramount Stone Specialists have been masters in the stone world for over 25 plus years. Our high standards and outstanding service is well known throughout local communities and all over the UK. Our stone masons are experienced and create pieces with attention to detail and quality hand finishing.

At Paramount, our service begins with a complimentary consultation where we will go through your requirements and discuss your vision. We handle everything right through to manufacturing in our Hull based factory, safe delivery and installation.

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A Bespoke Marble Vanity

We can custom-make the marble vanity unit in the size and specifications that you require for your project. We make matching marble basins to go with your marble vanity table perfectly.

Doing a complete bathroom renovation? We also have an excellent range of bathroom accessories such as basin taps, shower taps, shower trays, bath taps and more.

We have a fabulous selection of vanity designs to choose from. We can create single and double vanity units in a range of styles. Whether it’s a more modern look or a traditional vanity unit, we have a design you will love.

We are able to cater to both residential and large scale commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and so on. Ready to begin creating the bathroom that you have always wanted? Contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email us at info@paramountstone.co.uk at to discuss your new marble vanity unit.

A bathroom with two round mirrors and a white marble vanity
A modern bathroom with two rectangle mirrors and a white marble stone vanity

Marble Top Bathroom Vanity


Marble Top Vanity Unit

One of our most popular services are our marble top vanity units, which can be custom-made to suit the specifications you require for your bathroom. Marble top vanities can be made using various cabinet base materials instead of using marble throughout the entire vanity.

If you have your own cabinet and want to add a marble top, we can make a bespoke marble top design that will add a luxurious effect to your bathroom interior. We have a wide range of high quality marble sourced from around the world to bring you the most beautiful marble bathroom range. 

From those looking to create a wall mounted floating marble vanity to those looking for a freestanding marble top vanity, we can create the design of your choosing.

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Marble Vanity Unit Common Questions


Do marble vanities need to be sealed?

Yes, marble should be sealed to avoid damage and staining. Natural marble is a porous material. After sealing, marble is a fantastic material to use for a vanity.


Is marble good for a bathroom vanity?

Marble is a popular choice for a bathroom vanity due to its durable nature and beautiful look. With sealing and regular cleaning, they will upkeep their beautiful look and condition. Marble vanities have long lifespans when they are looked after properly.


Is it possible to visit a marble showroom near me?

Yes, our showroom is open to the public Monday – Fridays between 8am and 4pm, and on Saturdays by appointment. Our showroom has a wide range of marble designs and colours for viewing.

A bathroom with two round mirrors and a white marble vanity