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Natural Marble Dining Tables

There is no better way to add that wow factor to your dining room than with Paramount’s bespoke marble dining tables. 

A marble dining table is the ultimate glamorous piece to bring a luxury element to your dining area and instantly impress your guests. 

At Paramount, one of our specialties is our bespoke marble dining room tables which are made to order to our customers desired colour, design and specifications. 

A dining table can be with you for a lifetime. It is the centrepiece when you host a dinner party and a place that a family gathers around night after night to share in special moments.

Our marble kitchen tables are crafted from premium imported marble selected from quarries in Italy and around the world. We have a wide selection of marble colours and looks to choose from, and we cut from slabs in the thickness and shape of your liking. 

Whether you are looking for a classic rectangle marble dining table or a modern round marble dining table, we can custom-make it to suit your vision perfectly. 

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Custom Made Marble Dining Tables

Marble has a long history of being a much loved natural stone for its incredible beauty and its natural qualities. 

If you want a stylish piece of furniture, marble is the perfect choice. Marble gives an elegant look and a natural charm to a space. Adding a marble kitchen table can instantly give style to an otherwise tired or lackluster dining area. It’s no shock that marble is the chosen material for many upscale hotels and establishments around the world. 

For those thinking about the long term, marble dining tables make a smart choice. Marble is a stone that upholds its in-style characteristic, so you need not be concerned with ever-changing style trends. 

Marble is a 100% natural stone and each slab is unique. If you are wanting a special piece that is as one of a kind as you are, you can find your perfect match with marble. 

There is an astonishing range of looks and colours of natural marble available. Our selection has some of the most beautiful marble available from a more solid colour look to incredible patterns and veining. 

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Neutral styled room with a rectangle white marble dining table

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Luxury Marble Table By Paramount

Marble is a durable and strong natural material. Your marble dining table, when cared for properly, can last a whole lifetime. It has a natural heat and fire resistance, an asset that is always an advantage in a kitchen or dining area where flames and heat is often present.

After sealing, your marble table will not stain, hold water or harbour any germs. Sealing helps protect your marble and will maintain it has a non-porous quality. 

Marble is easy to clean and to take care of. With some simple maintenance, your marble dining table can be up-kept in its pristine condition for many years. Cleaning is easy with a soft cloth or sponge and some soap and water, a mild detergent or a neutral cleaner.

After reading about all these great benefits, you might be thinking that a marble dining table must be expensive? At Paramount Stone, we are the manufacturers, so our prices are not inflated. We make our prices affordable without sacrificing on our premium quality craftsmanship.

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Bespoke Marble Dining Table

Our 25 years of experience working with stone has not only allowed us to perfect our work into a refined craft, we have also continually led the industry with our exceptional designs and innovative techniques.

Our marble dining tables are made custom-made and can be made for both residential and commercial customers. For commercial spaces, a marble dining table is a great way to add more luxury and to add an inviting feature for customers. From hotels to restaurants, our team at Paramount is ready to make you a custom-made marble table to impress your guests.

We can also create a range of other marble furniture to create a seamless interior design, just ask us about what work of art we can create for your home!

If you are looking for a marble look dining table or marble effect dining table, we work with a range of other stones that can give an almost identical look to marble whilst saving you money. We can provide further details on what options are available in our free consultation.

If you are ready to add that luxurious marble dining room table to transform your space, contact us at Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 email Paramount at

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