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If you are looking to add a stylish addition to your home and feel a little luxurious every time you relax, a marble coffee table is for you. 

A coffee table is considered a key piece of furniture that draws the eye and can tie a room together. 

A marble coffee table is a fantastic choice to make as stone works aesthetically both as a one off piece or to match other stone pieces you have in your home. If your space is feeling a little listless, marble is an elegant way to add more style to your living room in the blink of an eye. 

At Paramount, we have created custom marble coffee tables for customers all over the UK for over two decades. 

We have some of the most beautiful and exclusive marble, carefully selected from Italy and around the world. We have a design to suit everyone, whether it’s a classic rectangle coffee table or a modern round coffee table. 

Each piece is made with love and our passion for our craft shows in the attention to detail in our finished pieces. The result is a coffee table that you will cherish using and will showcase in our home for many years to come.


Bespoke Marble Coffee Tables


benefits of Marble coffee tables

Marble makes a room feel more classy. It’s little surprise that marble has been a loved and admired material used for centuries for both its practical qualities as well as its natural beauty.

As a natural stone, every piece of marble is special and unique with its own veining and appearance. There are a surprising amount of natural marble colours and styles available to suit every space, from modern to traditional households.

If you want to make a choice you won’t regret in the long term, marble is a great choice. When maintained, marble is known to have a long life as well as marble being known for being an ever in-style material that isn’t affected by ever-changing trends.

Marble coffee tables are durable and hard wearing. They won’t shatter like glass or catch on fire like wood coffee tables. Marble is heat-resistant to around 175 Degrees Celsius so placing your tea or coffee on the table is not a problem, although it’s best practice to use a coaster.

Once marble has been sealed, it has a non-porous surface and will not absorb any liquids or stain. It also will not absorb or harbour bacteria and germs making it a hygienic surface and safe around food.

If you are looking for a coffee table that is easy to clean and maintain, marble is the perfect match for you. With some wiping down with soapy water or a neutral cleaning spray and a soft cloth, you can keep your table clean.

After its life, your marble coffee table can be reused and reworked into another piece. Marble is also sustainably quarried and manufactured.

A grey themed lounge with sofa and stone coffee table
A lounge with a modern stone coffee table

25+ Years Experience


Custom Made marble coffee Table

Ready to update your current look and add sophistication with a bespoke marble coffee table?

At Paramount Stone Specialists, we have been working with marble for over 25 years.

We started with our well known bespoke marble fireplaces and extended our marble line into worktops and furniture such as dining tables and coffee tables.

Since we started crafting our hand-made marble coffee tables, we have made quite the impact. Customers love our one of a kind pieces, that have been made specifically to our customers own size requirements and exact specifications.

Our difference is not only our craft and service, when you work with us, you work directly with the manufacturers, so our prices are not inflated. We take pride in serving our customers with premium products at an affordable price point.

If you are ready for your new marble coffee table, Contact Paramount on 01482 585600 or email us anytime at