A modern outdoor seating area with a white round granite fire pit and lounges

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premium Granite Fire Pits

Are you looking for granite fire pits for your outdoor area? Paramount Stone Specialists are granite experts with over 25 years working with solid stone throughout the UK.

Our granite firepits are made bespoke to your own specifications, in the colour, size and look of your unique needs.

A granite fire pit is a fantastic way to update your outdoor space and make it more enjoyable in the cooler evenings and nights. 

Not only do firepits inspire you to spend more time outside, fire pits create a warm focal point and a central place for entertaining and spending quality time with loved ones.

Our granite fire pits are made with high quality natural granite and are made to last. 

High Quality Granite Firepits


Benefits of Granite Fire Pits

Granite is a fantastic material for the outdoors. Both durable and able to withstand outside conditions, granite doesn’t fade from the sun or easily damage.

Compared to concrete and brick, granite stone is much more durable and hard wearing, able to withstand common outdoor elements and last year after year without the need for repairs or replacements. 

Granite gives a lovely elegant and natural look to the outdoor space that can easily match with almost any home design whether it be a modern or a classic look. 

Unlike metal fire pits, granite fire pits give a sophisticated and soft look rather than an industrial look which many consider as harsh or cold in appearance. Granite, being a completely natural stone, never goes out of style and remains a wonderful and attractive feature for yourself, your family and guests to enjoy.

Using granite for a firepit works brilliantly, as granite has great heat tolerance and can withstand high amounts of heat without cracking or damage.

Granite is available in a plethora of stunning colours perfect to match any exterior or garden area, with options ranging from solid colours to one of a kind patterns unique to granite. 

A cosy outdoor area with a granite fire pit and wooden chairs with cushions
A grey themed outdoor area with large square granite firepit and grey sofas

Bespoke Granite Fire Pits


Paramount Granite FirePits

If you are ready to add a beautiful granite fire pit to your outdoor area, don’t hesitate to call Paramount Stone Specialists for your no obligation quote.

Our slabs are cut to your own specifications and our experienced stonemasons skillfully work to create the finished work ready for your home.

Our motto is ‘Quality is Paramount’ which is shown in every piece we lovingly create.

Whilst bringing you the most beautiful natural stone pieces to your home, we always make sure our prices are as affordable as possible so every home can have a piece of luxury.

Contact Paramount Stone Specialists by email on info@paramountstone.co.uk or call us on 01482 585600 for a free consultation.