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Ready to add a luxurious feeling to your kitchen with a brand-new granite dining table? At Paramount Stone Specialists, we have over 25 years experience working with granite and making stunning stone dining tables for customers around the UK.

We custom-make granite dining tables in any shape and size and to suit your own specifications.

Our stonemasons are experienced in making dining tables to any thickness, size and shape, whether it’s an oval, rectangle, round, square or a special shape.

Granite comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns with a colour perfect to up-lift any space.

Granite is not only one of the most stunning natural stones available, it has many natural characteristics which make it superior to other common dining table materials.

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Advantages of GRANITE TABLEs

As a hard stone, granite is durable and resistant to scratches and wear. Compared to materials such as wood, glass and plastics, granite is much better at withstanding everyday use.

After granite has been sealed, it is non-porous, stain resistant and will not absorb liquids. This non-porous quality makes granite a favourite with homeowners who want a food safe dining table that will not hold germs and bacteria. For families with children, having a hygienic eating environment is one of the most important considerations.

Another advantage of a granite table is its fire resistance and high heat tolerance quality. Heat and open flames are common in the kitchen and dining room areas. Granite dining tables are much safer than wooden alternatives. Granite stone even has a good level of scorch resistance giving even more peace of mind to the owner.

Did you know that granite is a 100% natural stone and is quarried and manufactured in a sustainable way? It is also recyclable, reusable and creates less impact and pollution than other material industries.

Close up of a black rectangle granite dining table with table settings
Large grey granite dining table in a contemporary outdoor setting

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When it comes to choosing a dining table for outdoor use, you want a material that will be durable and be able to withstand the outdoor elements. 

Granite is an excellent choice for outside use and is widely regarded as one of the best natural stones to use. Granite is UV stable, so it will not be damaged or discoloured even if your table is in direct sunlight.

After sealing, rain, spills or stains won’t be an issue with your granite top dining table. Granite dining tables are durable and won’t easily damage or discolour. 

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen granite over other dining top materials. 

We service nationwide, and we can deliver to any location in the UK. Our factory and showroom is located in Hull, where you can come and view some of our many colours available.

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Granite Top Dining table

One of our most popular requests are granite top dining tables which are created with a granite slab top with legs made from a material of your choosing. We can make the top in a range of shapes and thickness to best suit your individual requirements.

Table legs can be made from a variety of material including various stone types, aluminium, iron, wood, steel and many others which are attached to the stone table top.

If you prefer the legs to be made from a material other than granite, we have a range of options available from our partners for some truly stunning leg bases.

Alternatively, if you have already found your own table legs and just want the grantie table top, we can supply you the granite top only if that best suits your needs.

Ready to improve your dining area and have a dining table that can last you a last time? We can deliver all over the UK, contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email info@paramountstone.co.uk to talk to one of our staff about our granite dining tables.

Modern kitchen with a granite top dining table & chairs.