Drainage Grooves

A worktop with drainage grooves

What are drainage grooves?

Drainage grooves are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners that want a more practical solution for liquid drainage on the worktop area.

Worktops are busy areas and spills are inevitable. On a flat worktop surface, a spill will either stay on the surface, which can be difficult to direct towards the sink or even worse the spill will run onto the floor which can cause slips and accidents.

Drainage grooves are carved directly onto your worktop and act as a passage for the water to drain to the sink or other collection area. This handy solution is not only easy to add to your worktop, it makes cleanup a whole lot easier and faster. 

You can add drainer grooves to any area you want. You might like your grooves on the left side or right side directly near your sink. Another popular choice is to add them near the edges of your worktop to prevent spills from running onto your floor and damaging furniture underneath such as your cabinets. 

Why you should add drainage grooves.

It’s no wonder that drainage grooves are so popular today. Drainage grooves help your worktops stay clean and direct spills directly to where you want it to go, like into your sink. This makes cleaning up a lot easier and prevents liquids from damaging your other furniture and flooring.

Drainage grooves speed up your cleaning efforts and save you time. With liquids directed into your grooves and straight to your sink, it’s a quick and convenient clean up saving you effort and time in your daily life.

Drain grooves are an attractive addition to your worktop. Not only are drainage grooves practical but they add more character to your worktop and provide an attractive feature.

Installing drainer grooves is simple and can be added to your pre-existing or new worktop by one of our expert stonemasons . At Paramount, we can add drainage grooves professionally to your quartz, marble, ceramic, sintered stone or granite worktop.

Paramount are Drain Grooves Experts!

Are you ready for a more practical worktop and to add that time saving and attractive feature?

Paramount Stone Specialists have over 25 years of stone excellence and experience in the UK and are highly experienced in installing grooves to worktops in all types of materials.

At Paramount, we have built a reputation for our dedicattion to our customers and we offer premium service at an affordable price. 

If you would like to find out more about drainage grooves and how they can benefit your household, call Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or send us an email at info@paramountstone.co.uk.


Drainer Grooves Commonly asked questions


Do draining grooves work?

Draining grooves are effective at channelling spills and liquids in the direction required like into a sink. When installed properly, they are a great solution to make cleaning up quickly and preventing liquids from spilling onto floors.

What worktops can have drainer grooves?

You can install drainer grooves into many worktop types including granite, quartz, sintered stone, marble and ceramic.

What size are drainage grooves?

Drainage grooves can be added in the desired size of the customer or recommended size advised by an experienced stone professional. A typical size is around 30-35 cms, however it will depend on the size of the worktop and the desired solution.

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