Curved Worktops

A quartz curved worktops with faucets and drainage grooves.

Curved kitchen worktops

Curved worktops combine together design artistry and functionality, allowing you to break away from a conventional design and create something special and practical in your home or business.

In the past few years curved kitchen worktops and curved worktops breakfast bars, have become increasingly favoured in residential homes and have fast become some of the most requested type of worktops.

So why are worktops with curves becoming so popular, and why should you consider adding one in your next renovation?



There is no doubt about it, curved worktops with their flowing and graceful contours, make an undeniable stunning kitchen feature. Say goodbye to sharp edges and rigid looks and say hello to a calming kitchen with flow. A worktop with curves brings more softness to a space and give a graceful aesthetic we all dream of.

When considering curved worktops, most homeowners are looking to add subtle curves, like curved worktop corners or a completely curved worktop end. However, some people are loving the more bold approach of a completely curved shape which gives more of a wow-statement and makes for an eye-catching focal point.

Whether you envision a subtle curve or a more dramatic arch, today’s stone technology combined with a skilled stonemason team means customisation is limited only by your imagination.



More and more people are looking at curved worktops as a way to unlock creativity and add a unique touch to their kitchen.

The movement away from traditional designs opens to a new wave of people looking for softer, practical and more customised designs. Considering a worktop that will fit your own unique style and suit the shape and space requirements of your kitchen unlocks so many new and exciting possibilities for the homeowner.


Enhancing Space

One of the greatest and appealing features of curved worktops is that they can better make use of the space you have in your kitchen. If you have a unique or smaller space that you want to best use the space you have, a curved worktop can help optimise the surface area you have.

With the shape customisation available today, almost any unique space can be catered for, and a custom kitchen worktop shape made to suit your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area.



Have young children, a busy kitchen or a kitchen as a workplace? You may want to consider installing a curved worktop. We have all been there, rushing around the kitchen, and then you hit a sharp corner, ouch. Opting for curved corners on your worktops over sharp corners gives a safer kitchen environment for everyone and promotes an environment with fewer accidents.



There is no right or wrong with worktop shapes, both straight and curved designs have their advantages and disadvantages and one’s personal style, requirements and preferences are all important considerations.

At Paramount Stone Specialists, we have experienced staff on hand that can help guide you on what shape worktop is best suited for your space and unique requirements. We are highly experienced in creating curved worktops in all sorts of requirements, shapes and sizes.

Our portfolio contains subtle curves to some of the most elaborate curved shape worktops, and we love a challenge, so don’t hesitate to come to us with your unique design. We work with both natural and engineered stones such as quartz, granite, marble, sintered stone, ceramic, limestone, travertine, slate and more.

We look forward to talking through your kitchen requirements and bringing your new design to life.

Ready to make the jump to curved worktops yet? Call us on 01482 585600 or contact us via email at


Commonly asked questions


Can quartz worktops be curved?

Yes, quartz worktops can be crafted into both subtle and pronounced curved worktop shapes. 


Can quartz have rounded edges?

Yes, quartz can be crafted with a variety of edge types including rounded edges known as bullnose countertop edges.


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