Composite Worktops

Composite Worktops in modern white styling

Composite Stone Worktops

There is no better time to update your existing worktops and add composite worktops to enhance your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. 

Composite worktops are worktops that have been created by combining a mixture of materials together to create a highly practical, versatile, beautiful and overall advanced product. 

Engineered quartz worktops are the most popular composite option, which are made using a combination of high heat and pressure by combining crushed natural quartz, resin and pigments. The process of making composite quartz simulates how natural rocks are formed within the earth using high levels of pressure and heat. 

Composite quartz worktops work so well because they take the best properties and beauty of natural stone and combine it with superior durability, versatility, impermeability and a more affordable price point than many other popular options. Quartz composite worktops are by far one of the most popular options for kitchen worktops today.

Paramount Stone Specialists have been fabricating and supplying composite kitchen worktops for over 25 years throughout the UK. During that time, Paramount Stone Specialists have earned a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding stone products combined with the highest level of service and affordability. 


Benefits of Stone Composite Worktops

  • Composite worktops are aesthetically beautiful and are the perfect option for modern contemporary households. With more versatility in colour and design options, homeowners have virtually unlimited choices in the designs available from many well known and loved brands like Caesarstone, Compac, Silestone, Cimstone and many more. 
  • The versatility of composite workspace design allows a greater level of consistency in colour and patterns as well as many more solid colours available than that of natural stones like marble and granite. If you are looking for a completely uniform colour without veining, or a consistent pattern, composite offers up a plethora of options to suit even the most particular of homeowners. 
  • Quartz Composite worktops are well known for their excellent durability quality making them a low maintenance and long-lasting kitchen option. It is easy and simple to take care of composite. Known for being a no-fuss option, composite countertops do not require any sealing and are easy to clean. Wiping down the countertop after use with a mild cleaner or soap and water will ensure the worktops uphold their beautiful condition and last the homeowner many years. 
  • Composite worktops are non-porous and impermeable to water. Some natural stones are porous and require sealing to protect the stone. Composite on the other hand, is completely non-porous and does not require sealing, saving the homeowner both time and money. This non-porous quality also makes composite an excellent choice for food preparation surfaces as the material is hygienic and safe from trapping germs in the surface.


White Composite Worktops

The most popular type of composite countertops that are commonly chosen are white composite worktops. These can come in a variety of design options from a solid white colour to designs with marble style veining, swirls, specks and shimmer designs. 

While white is the most popular colour, white shades are not the only trending colours. Popular colours like black, grey and cream shades are making waves and are being increasingly preferred by many people.


Composite Bathroom Worktops

Did you know that composite worktops are not just used in the kitchen area? They are also a fantastic option to be used in other areas of your house such as the laundry and bathroom areas. 

When installing a new worktop in your kitchen, why not add a matching composite bathroom worktop or continue your interior design by adding the same design to your utility room.


Paramount are composite worktop experts!

If you would like to add composite worktops to your home or commercial premises, Paramount Stone Specialists are the stone experts ready to make your dream design come to life. 

Paramount Stone Specialists have a selection of the most beautiful composite worktop options available and have the best possible prices without sacrificing on quality. 

We handle everything from start to completion for the most easy, professional and friendly service you will find. 

Our service includes free consultation and quote, in-house manufacture, delivery and professional installation. Our state of the art stone machinery and technology ensures a beautiful product every time and our stonemasons are highly skilled and experienced. 

If you would like any further information or to talk to one of our friendly staff members, feel free to contact Paramount Stone Specialists by phone on 01482 585600 or email us at

You can learn more about quartz kitchen worktops here.

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