Cleaning Quartz Worktops

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Quartz worktops cleaning and maintenance

Quartz worktops are durable, long-lasting and are a popular choice for modern households today.

Even though quartz is a low maintenance countertop, it’s important to remember that every material requires care. There are some simple maintenance and cleaning habits homeowners should take to ensure that their worktops stay in their pristine and beautiful condition for years to come.

Below we will discuss some of the most common questions about cleaning quartz worktops and maintenance practices that will help keep your quartz in its best condition.


What is the best thing to clean quartz countertops with?

For everyday cleaning, the best cleaning products to use on your quartz worktops are a water and mild dish detergent or soap solution.

By using some paper towel or a soft cloth that is not abrasive, everyday cleaning is easy by simply wiping the surface down to maintain a bright, clean and pristine condition.

If you spill something on your countertop, you should try and clean the spill up right away and avoid letting spills sit for long periods of time. Even though quartz is stain resistant and durable, if spills are left on quartz it can create tougher to remove residue or may even create damage or a stain.

For best practice maintenance, you should try and wipe your quartz worktops every day, even if you don’t make any spills. This will keep your worktop shiny and protected from building up residue that can dull your surface.


How to clean quartz worktops stains

To clean stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of three parts baking soda and one part water together which will form an effective and safe solution for stubborn stains that will not damage the surface.

A soft microfiber cloth or sponge can be used to apply the solution which can be left on the stain until it dries. Once the baking soda solution has dried along, it can be gently rubbed with a cloth and the stain should have been removed and lifted with the solution.

A soft cloth should always be used, never anything abrasive or anything with hard bristles. For any remaining residue, mild soap or detergent with water and a soft cloth can be used.

Heavy duty or highly acidic cleansers like vinegar and citric acid based cleaning agents should be avoided as damage could be caused.

To maintain a shiny and brand-new look, after cleaning you can lightly buff the surface with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best.


Cleaning quartz worktops with vinegar

A question we are commonly asked is ‘can i use vinegar to clean my quartz worktop?’ Vinegar is a strong cleaning agent, and we don’t recommend using it undiluted on your quartz countertop.

If you use vinegar, the vinegar should be diluted with water. Using pure vinegar to clean your quartz surface could damage, disintegrate or discolour the worktop.


Cleaning quartz worktops limescale

To clean limescale from your quartz worktops, you can use a diluted solution of limescale remover, or you can use a diluted mixture of vinegar and water along with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

You shouldn’t leave the cleaning products on the surface for longer than a minute or two, and then it can be wiped clean, followed by some mild soap and warm water mixture.


How do I keep my quartz countertops shiny?

It is easy to keep your quartz countertops looking shiny and beautiful.

A simple habit of wiping down your worktop each day with some mild soap and water with a soft cloth will keep your quartz free of dust and grime that can build up and dull the surface.

Light buffing with the soft microfiber cloth have your worktop looking as good as new.


What should you not use on quartz countertops?

You should avoid using harsh, acidic, highly alkaline or heavy-duty cleaning products on quartz countertops and stick to using mild and pH balanced products instead.

Abrasive cleaning pads, brushes with strong bristles or scrubbing cleaners should never be used as they could cause damage to your quartz worktops.


Things to avoid on quartz worktops

You shouldn’t leave oily products or fats on your quartz surface and should always clean the substance off right away.

Even though quartz worktops are non-porous and hygienic, it is advisable to avoid placing any raw meat directly onto your surface. If you do place raw meat on your surface, you should make sure to clean the area thoroughly to avoid any germs spreading or contamination.


How to disinfect a quartz worktop?

To disinfect a quartz worktop, you can mix together two parts alcohol and one part water which will create a solution that will effectively disinfect the surface. Some may also like to add an antibacterial soap to the alcohol solution.

There are also many antibacterial mild kitchen spays available that are effective and safe for use on your quartz surface.

Ensure to wipe the area thoroughly and to allow the area to dry completely before it is used again.


Quartz worktops cleaning summary

Keeping your quartz worktop clean and maintained is easy to do with some everyday habits like wiping down the surface directly after use and using mild cleaning products.

Following these best practice quartz cleaning habits will ensure your surface looks shiny and as good as new for many years.

If you are worried that you have permanently damaged your worktop and think you need a replacement or a brand-new surface, our friendly team at Paramount Stone Specialists, will be more than happy to assist you with a free consultation.

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