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Make a stylish addition and give your dining area a makeover with our bespoke ceramic dining tables.

Paramount Stone Specialists make stunning custom-made contemporary ceramic dining tables to your unique size and specifications.

For over 25 years, Paramount Stone Specialists have earned a reputation in the UK for their quality workmanship, service and innovative products. Paramount proudly offers premium stone products directly to the public at the very best and affordable prices.

Ceramic tables are one of the most popular furniture choices for the modern living space. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, ceramic boasts advanced natural features that make it a truly practical and low maintenance solution that your family will enjoy for years.

At Paramount, our tables are made using the most premium quality ceramic and porcelain and crafted by our experienced stonemasons using cutting edge stone technology and hand finished to perfection.

We have a large selection of dazzling colour options available and can make designs from round to oval, rectangle, square or even a special shape.

High Quality Ceramic Tables


Advantages of Ceramic TABLEs

Known for its beauty and natural look, ceramic is one of the most sought after materials for dining tables today.

Pairing perfectly with contemporary interior designs, whether you want a sleek modern table or a more deluxe look, ceramic has the versatility to create the perfect piece for your unique space.

Ceramic is highly durable, stain resistant and scratch resistant. If you have a family with young children, ceramic won’t easily be damaged or stained by spills and messy eaters.

Are you seeking a long-lasting and durable investment for your home? Ceramic tables are durable and have high longevity, meaning less repairs or replacements than some other popular stone dining table options.

Ceramic is available in a surprising wide range of stunning colours and looks, and there are some of the most breathtaking designs available from many well known and trusted brands around the world.

A modern room with lounge, white ceramic top dining table and chairs
A dining table and chairs with a round mirror

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Advantages of Ceramic TABLEs (continued)

If you are looking to add a dining table to your outdoor area, ceramic makes a fantastic and practical choice.

Just like granite and sintered stone, ceramic is a popular choice for outdoor use as it will not fade in direct sunlight. As well as being UV stable, ceramic is also frost resistant which is another great asset for outdoor use.

Unlike traditional dining table materials such as wood which can catch on fire easily, ceramic is fire-resistant, making an excellent material choice for the home, where safety should always be a priority.

Along with fire resistance, ceramic is also heat-resistant and possesses a low thermal conductivity characteristic.

With a reasonable price point, ceramic is more affordable than many people think and a cheaper alternative than many other table materials.

With its economical price point, combined with beauty, durability, safety features and long life, a ceramic table really does make the perfect option for homeowners today.

Bespoke Ceramic Dining Tables


Paramount Ceramic TABLEs

If you are ready to add a new stylish centrepiece to your living area, don’t settle for anything less than a Paramount ceramic dining table.

Whether residential or commercial and larger scale jobs, Paramount has the experience and expertise for the best possible result on your next project.

We service UK-wide, so no matter your location, don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quote or to simply chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable stone experts. When we have finished crafting your new table, our team can arrange delivery to any area in the UK.

Our showroom and factory is located in Hull where you can come and view our colours, designs and stone materials. 

Now is the perfect time to spoil yourself with your very own affordable and beautiful ceramic table to instantly uplift your dining room look.

Contact Paramount Stone Specialists on 01482 585600 or email info@paramountstone.co.uk for your free quote.

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